Reply To: Red Flag: Lesa

 Charlie Horn


You are working and walking along side of the magical powerful creator of the universe. You are doing gods work. The work of unconditional love. That is a big deal and it takes something and you are giving it in new and exciting and scary ways. You are an example of Devine courage. I hear your requests. They make complete sense to me. I also hear the reflections and they make complete sense to me as well. Thanks for putting yourself out there in the open. Exposed. And thanks for seeing all the opportunity to stand for what you need. Please continue to be a stand for you.
Is this an opportunity for our team to revisit our commitment to higher gradient? Is there an opportunity to go to church here and practice agreement and permission?
For me I have forgotten the conversation we had at the beginning of the program around what this next level of leadership is all about and what it looks like in the doing department.
it can be rough. I’m scared shitless sometimes and hide like a frightened turtle. And on the other side of that has been growth and peace and love and a fresh polish on my lens that doesn’t get as foggy as quickly. And then I forget and here comes the rinse and repeat cycle.
Sabrina, I am in awe of how you have taken on so much in a relatively short period of time. You are winning and getting and being with so much.
I’m sorry and I’m not sorry. Your a bad ass and I know you have the capacity to source yourself and find the balance and the rhythm to maintain this current level of leadership you are in. You have what it takes. You are doing it!!!! You are right where you need to be. And migraines fucking suck. I think I have had one and I would have done anything to make it stop.

take care of yourself and I am here for. Let me know what I can do for you.

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