Reply To: Breakthroughs in AC

 Charlie Horn

T  I hear you when you say repeat conversation. It lands more flat than ever before for me around that. And there is something for me to get complete about there because it has a flavor of you all vs me, for me. There is something around meeting people where they are at that I say I need.  Is that all coming from my incompleteness?
shit I just got complete in the moment and can see it as your stand and not a make wrong!! This is amazing. Thanks T.
My breakthrough in patience is patience with myself. I can see I am projecting when I look for patience from others. I’m going to say relationship will play out the same way. While I continue to see relationship goals and breakthroughs to get there as a flag planted way out in the distance, it makes sense that the catalyst will be relationship with myself.
did I get it right that you were asking me to look again for me? Or did you want me to take a look again at what I see for you?

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