Reply To: Breakthroughs in AC

 Charlie Horn

the effectiveness of our communication is gauged  by the responses we get.

From my view………

T your SM has you not see the responses you get and from there you don’t see to come in from a different angle.
what I see for you as next level breakthrough is to be with the response you get and from essence come in from a different angle. Effectively meeting people where they are at.

I wish we could all download each of our superpowers into each other and simply and easily have access to all of them in the moment from choice. I see that some have this ability. Where did they get it? Christopher, Kerry, have a lot of accessories this. Do you think that being in the tribe of AC has us all downloading a little bit of each other?

I have an idea. I will bring enrollment later. Let’s swap coaches. I have been thinking about how to mix it up a bit with LKT and we are doing that. This would be an awesome thing for me to get a coaching session with all of your coaches without having to disrupt what Laura and I have been up to. What do you all see for yourselves to enroll your coaches to trade me for you for one coaching session? I see the opportunity similar to what Mick brought to our module. Fresh eyes and ears. A squeaky clean filter. A direct new line of sight into my being and SM. The white glove treatment to the not so clean room of my humanity Lol 😂

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