2 Corgis are at the beach. One looks to the other and says….

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    But to test that theory and see if they could be cuter, they also put on sunglasses and learned how to surf.


    PC/LIT NAME: Nichole MacDonald

    PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: Lauren is re-starting therapy and has showed up un-coachable a couple weeks in a row now. I want to support her and also stay in coach.

    Client Game: Empowered

    Current FP Clients: 3

    Clients through AC: 2

    Coach Paid: N/A

    Clients Paid: Yes

    Insurance: Yes

    Holding anything: No

    Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 0

    Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 0

    By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? N/A

    My Projects:

    Course is still set to launch end of August.

    I launched our US production last week.

    Fundraising is ongoing with lash.live.


    # of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: 2


    PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Jonathan: His focus right now is practicing channeling his inner “hustle” attitude and apply it toward building his coaching practice.

    PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Lauren: See above.

     Tiffany Turner

    Leader Check-In: 8/11/2020



    PC/LIT NAME: Tiffany Turner


    PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: Nancy often brings coaching requests that are framed as “A breakthrough in…” and I’m curious what team can see contextually about this pattern.


    Client Game Commitment: Generate $51k in 2020, touch 400 lives

    Current FP Clients: 4

    Clients through AC: 1

    Coach Paid: Yes

    Clients Paid: Yes

    Insurance: Yes

    Holding anything: No

    Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 0

    Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 0

    By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? – playing to be hired twice more for February 1 start.

    My Projects:

    #1: Marriage: Breakthroughs in control + Next Level Passion.

    #2: Integration of Body, Being, and Doing: I’m a tree in a forest, and as the elements weather my home, I flow and grow in partnership with them.

    #3:Business Project: $51k, 400 lives

    Guests for OBS/WKSHP: 1/1/1/1

    # of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: 2



    Ryan showed up very empowered last week with lots of wins to report, and willingness to look ahead at what’s predictable from here. He distinguished that he’s related to this year as the Year Of Being Triggered, and can see something available for himself in transforming his relationship with Being Triggered.


    Nancy and I are getting paperwork flat for working together 2020/2021. She’s still in process of recovering from not certifying, and each week she continues to move herself forward in her process.

     Sabrina Pratt

    So, both corgis put their swim trunks on and it literally could not be any cuter.




    DATE: 8/10/20

    PC/LIT NAME: Sabrina Pratt



    PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: 


    Client Game: Poppin!


    Current FP Clients: 8


    Clients through AC: 5 


    Coach Paid: yes


    Clients Paid: yes 


    Insurance: Yes


    Holding anything: no


    Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 0

    Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 1 


    Potential Future Clients in Pipeline: 12


    Registration Pipeline: 9 for SD, 1 for DC


    By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? I am in integrity and will continue to create new clients at higher rate


    My Projects:


    1. Launch of My 2021 Voices Coaching Program 

    Milestone: project design complete by 8/14/20

    Update: I am very excited and empowered designing this project  


    1. Embrace My Heartfirst Leadership & Allow my Loving Power

    Milestone: Request feedback from team re: leadership strengths & gaps

    Update: connected with Kerry & Britt around DLIT, took to my coaching session this week


    1. New Coach by 10/3/20

    Milestone: schedule all sample sessions with potential new coaches by 8/14/20

    Update: I am scheduling sample sessions, Berna and I have created a project around choosing new coach and closing out our contract powerfully. 


    1. Operation Weird Fish

    *this is my relationship project. It’s on the “back buner”


    # of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: 4 with Andrew


    PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Lesa Hudspeth: Lesa rescheduled our coaching session from this past week- she had some dental work done and was in a lot of pain. We are in relationship and keeping in touch.  


    PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Andrew Mai: Andrew is empowered in the growth of his business and actively practicing bringing empowered coaching requests. He is excited to be playing reg and looking forward to LDP!




     Brittany Cotton

    The other one says, “ummmm yeah dude we are already at the beach. Get your head out of the sand!”

    PC/LIT NAME: Brittany Cotton

    PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: Supporting Steve through his incompletions about Registration 

    Client Game: Empowered 

    Current FP Clients:   11

    Clients through AC: 6

    Coach Paid: Yes

    Clients Paid: Yes

    Insurance: Yes

    Holding anything: No

    Sample Sessions had Last 7 days:  0

    Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 0

    By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? N/A


    My Projects:

    Mission #1: To play a Reg game that is a reflection of our power, bringing consistency, rigor, heart and love everywhere we go in pursuit of impacting hundreds of live. We will create massive amounts of breakthroughs that we haven’t even thought of yet.  

    Measure: By October 5th, 2020 the San Diego Intensive Program will have 24 participants, a new junior leader, and an empowered and qualified leader team.

    Update: August 10th: 11 registrations. Current: 11!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mission #2: A Life space that sources my Being, Power, and Connection. 

    Measure: By December 1st, I have an apartment that is curated with authenticity, warmth, and connection. I have established a monthly date that holds a group dinner, where different friends and love ones come to share each other and a meal. 

    Update: By September 1st I have signed least and deposit sent. On track

    Mission #3: A reinvention of the AC website, which will be generated via breakthroughs in: owning but not doing; bringing my voice and not being afraid to say what I see; partnership/collaboration; self trust

    Measure: By December 15th, the new site is launched

    Update: Had our first brain storming session with Fayzan. Next is another meeting with us two and Tracy. 

    Mission #4: A five month snap shot of my Perfect Life. December 31st will mark 5 months of curating all that I love, and all that I am. 

    Laughed til I cried 3 times: ____

    Gone on a trip somewhere new _____

    Charlie and I have gone on 10 amazing dates _____

    I’ve spoiled myself with a huge gift_____

    Celebrated my favorite holiday with family ______

    Written 2 pieces that are authentic ______

    Made 15k in one month_____

    Learned a new dish to cook _____

    PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Valerie: Valerie is empowered around LDP and coaching, and missed the written retake because of work. She knows it is in her hands to create, and that I will support her. Declared to have her paperwork in by today 

    PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Steve: Empowered around our program, still getting stopped by all things registration and enrollment- which is holding up his LDP paperwork. 


     Jeff Miller

    “Instead of working today, let’s go to the beach instead.”

     Juliana Sih


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