2020 Business Project Design for Tiffany Turner Coaching

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     Jeff Miller

    Hey T,

    Thanks for playing out loud and really changing your relationships to your business and empowering a great plan. How else can I and the team support you in this?

     Tiffany Turner

    How about our Tuesday client game calls? I’ll bring what’s so in relation to this project!

    Yes, I completed my business buffet yesterday. The biggest gap that I’m concerned about is the money piece, I’m not on track to hit my money goal. I also am in a lot of action, and it’s building – the partnership buffet, re-doing my website, creating a mailing list and blasting all my business contacts to share the new partnership options and ask who they know who would be a good fit.

    Instead of spending time worrying about whether I’m doing things in the “best” order, I’m just committing to being in consistent action, doing the hardest thing of my day first, and being in alignment of those actions being in service of my business, even if I can’t directly measure the impact of each action item.

    Thanks for checking in, and yes, please keep checking in!



    Hey T <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Some Qs:

    Are you game to add as an accountability structure a way to be at cause with us around your milestones? I’m curious if you’re on track with 2/11 and 2/14 milestones and to have the “Buffet” of partnership options designed by today – and on track for updated resume, etc.

    On Tuesday, how can I support you and stand for your 2/21 declaration?

    Do you mind if I interact with your milestones? I have it this is part of your commitment in playing out loud!

    • February 21: Applied to 3 coaching brokers (BetterUp, etc.) – SMALL <— what are the other brokers you see to apply to? I notice I never really entertained this because I made up that it had to be hard and I had to suffer through relationship generating with strangers 😉 LOL. There’s so much there, right? 1) I can build relationships with strangers from ease AND 2) what structures (such as a coaching broker) would have me at ease so as to generate more relationships from that place? What do you see for you here? And team?
    • February 17: Resume updated, 3 new workshops designed
    • February 14: “Buffet” of partnership options designed
    • February 11: Grossed $3500, touched 56 lives


     Tiffany Turner

    I have avoided this for years! I’m scared and empowered, and I’m really excited to generate this, with support, and by being in new action. Time to get over my obstacles and create a business that represents my power on this planet.

    Tiffany Turner Coaching 2020 Project Design:

    Objective: An impactful and meaningful business that fulfills me, supports my family, and sources my marriage

    Measure: Touch 500 lives in 2020 through workshops, speaking, group work, all things AC, private clients. And gross $68,000.

    Future Vision:

    It’s Christmas, and we have a beautiful 3 month old. I’ve been enjoying my self-created maternity leave, and Jack’s been soaking up SO MUCH dad time. We’re basking in our new chapter of parenthood, and finding new ways to having it all, with little ones.

    I have no regrets about how I created my business in 2020. The thing I’m most proud of, is committing to a set of career goals, and staying in action around unchanging goals, for an entire year.

    More deliciously, I fulfilled, and it wasn’t “hard.” Sure, I did new things, I played and integrated in new ways, I didn’t take it so seriously, that I self punished the failures and learning’s of my commitment to my and Jack’s future. It represents a commitment to our retirement, and giving our children the education we want for them. It also demonstrates the growth of my declare and fulfill muscle. I’m so at peace knowing that if I can go from $28k to $68k, I can do whatever I choose next in my business.

    Reverse Milestones:

    • October 1: Grossed $68k, touched 500 lives – LARGE
    • September 1: Grossed $65k, touched 470 lives
    • August 1: Grossed $60k, touched 412 lives – MEDIUM
    • July 1: Grossed $48k, touched 350 lives – LARGE
    • June 1: Grossed $40k, touched 280 lives. Second group coaching group starts – 5 people @ $300/month
    • May 1: Grossed $30k, touched 220 lives
    • April 24: Social media integrated into pipeline and coaching practice (get support from Nichole)
    • April 1: Grossed $21k, touched 155 lives – MEDIUM
    • March 22: 35 women at GymClass event, next event scheduled for April.
    • March 20: 5 new workshops designed – SMALL
    • March 6: LinkedIn and Website updated to reflect my Essence and Full Power
    • March 1: Grossed $10k, touched 100 lives. One group coaching group has started – 4 people @ $300/month.
    • February 28: Created mailing list, designed consistency of outreach, structures in place to fulfill.
    • February 21: Applied to 3 coaching brokers (BetterUp, etc.) – SMALL
    • February 17: Resume updated, 3 new workshops designed
    • February 14: “Buffet” of partnership options designed
    • February 11: Grossed $3500, touched 56 lives


    • Small
      • That really amazing key lime pie ice cream near Angelina’s old apartment
      • A 2.2 pound bag of Scout coffee
    • Medium
      • Groupon massage ($70 budget)
      • Reflexology ($70 budget)
      • Facial!
    • Large
      • Book a baby moon (post Paris…around 6-7 month mark)
      • $1500 jewelry purchase
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