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     Brittany Cotton

    Hi all!

    I am working a bit this week, and have calls with both Valerie and Steve today. While I will be traveling next week, I am available for both of them if need be, though we do not have scheduled coaching calls.

    Steve and Valerie are both on monthly payment plan, and are empowered around payments!

     Sabrina Pratt


    I am around and in town just being cute & cozy & loving up on my fam & friends. I am working today 12/23 and next Monday 12/30. My participants’ (and a couple other coaching clients) calls are scheduled on those days. I told everyone I’m super down for text, email, calls in between!

    I am here and available- please let me know if anyone needs participant support or any support!

    all my love;


     Aarti Mallya

    I don’t have any big long plans so I am available whenever for whatever.

    As far as the other bigger conversation of being proactive. I have been diligently working on that everywhere with structures, my calendar, being intentional, and communicating everywhere a lot more. I feel like I am still a mess all over the place but am improving and see so much greatness in the works. I will post more on this later in my  greatness and support request thread.


    ! “The chunk” <3 LOVE.

    Swing 2 is yummy Jeff – AND it’s simple and makes sense – despite the fact that I think it’s the longest forum post EVER I’ve seen from you (high five emoji!)

    What I get is you’re saying people (we) are wacky with payments and clients completing. Like it’s somehow bad or means we’re not running a live client game.

    I sent out invoices today for January! I also have my clients mark their calendars before the first at a date they choose – and a date after the 1st on a date they choose, that has them looking ahead and also alerted if they somehow missed their deadline. This isn’t fool proof, of course, as people resist money working (me too) but it has me mostly aware and on top of it.

    My experience of this conversation is it’s a little managy: “post when you’re available for your clients” but I LOVE the inherent training I’m being reminded of: Practice being fully at cause for your presence – and absence! When I intend to be fully UNavailable for my clients I let them know and I ask them what structure they will set up in case they want a check-in (or sometimes I enroll a fellow coach to be my back-up which I love when my coach does).

    I will be OFF Dec 24-29, Dec. 31st and Jan (!!!) 1st, working and available on the Dec 23rd, 30th and Jan 2nd.

    Happy Friday.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks T and Nichole for the feedback. Let me attempt to clarify.

    My specific request for payments is that we write on this thread what kind of payment plan our participants are on? How will they be making their payment on January 1st? Are they empowered around this? On a larger conversation, how many of us are treating are own finances proactively? Or being proactive with our projects? What is the value of this being a team conversation? Does this land for everyone?

    T, in regards to completion, I see that this as the same conversation. Sometimes my clients are heading towards the end of their contract and I don’t bring things up until a week out. This is not being proactive or having full ownership here. Definitely not my commitment at all. What if we all had this mindset and modeled this for our participants? What would be possible for them?


     Tiffany Turner

    Jeff I’m with you on all of this, except the completion bit. How are completing clients a part of this convo?

    Thanks for swinging again. I’m a hint annoyed at myself for just following your efficiency tactics. I see them, and I’m seduced by them, and I jump right on board. Can you share what’s available for you in bringing a higher level of ownership? That’ll help me stand for you!


    Personally I feel more confused about what Jeff is asking for now. At least in terms of how it relates to the majority of the post, addressing payments and completion.

    My availability is December 26th on. I am going to be supporting my own participants during that time. And I will be functioning normally. ?‍♀️

    As for what I see around payments and completion, I have not had a client complete yet. I’m sure I can learn from y’all and be prepared for that. I also have not gotten into a regular cadence around checking in on clients for payment. I think this is sort of an unprofessional thing to do. This is why I don’t like utilizing the back office. It’s amateurish and archaic, in my opinion. I have a lot of other thoughts and feelings about the back office and I will save that for another post.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks for what you put in Brittany. Yes I can now see the breakdown in my post versus all of the items that were discussed. I think, I have a love affair with efficiency and bottom lining. It might be related to an automatic feeling of not wanting to get in the weeds since it might get messy. But this is definitely something for me to monitor with myself. I also notice that I write forum posts very quickly. This most likely creates a mini time context in the moment which has me leave out details where I need to reflect and instead I just simplify and report.

    I can definitely own that this has a great impact in team. Just in the responses I have received within this thread I can see that. This is not my commitment to “Speed” own things and not Be with the details in order to support everyone creating their breakthroughs.

    Swing #2….

    Hey Team,

    On our leader call earlier this week, myself, Kerry and Brittany had a great conversations around our team, participants and the upcoming break. What we noticed was this idea of leaving things to the last moment and playing a hide and seek game with deadlines and circumstances. For example, we all know that we get paid at the beginning of the month and tuition is due at the beginning of the month. But how many times have we been caught off guard or surprised when one of our participants has not paid or we haven’t been paid by our clients? I know I have been guilty of this several times. How amazing would it be if we created full ownership and proactiveness within all of our games and this program? If we really got up under ourselves and our participants?

    We also discussed how people in general are wacky with money and specifically when clients complete. With these topics, I notice the same conversation happening internally. Almost like clients completing is a bad thing. This is also something I have made up. I am sure Kerry or CDM are not working with any clients from their first year of coaching. Clients completing is part of what we do. How we related to completion is our job and where the magic happens. This is something I have been working on with myself for the past few months and creating empowerment around the process for myself and my clients.

    So who is up for breakthroughs in ownership, money and completion? What do you all see for yourselves? For the team? For the participants?

    Getting back to my original request, can you all please let us know your availability, and if you are not available during certain times, please be at cause to have someone on the team be the one for your participants. Thanks for allowing me to swing again in service of my growth.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Jeff,

    Im present to a pattern in your leadership that leads to incomplete work, you not actually getting what you asked for or intended, and things slipping through the cracks. The most base and simple way my experience of it goes is like this: you have a conversation with someone or multiple people–whether it be you and LKT, you Kerry and I, or you myself and LKT- where something important or significant is distinguished and discussed, and you declare yourself The One to bring it to team/forum/the person etc. What is brought is missing “the chunk”, the context or the gold, the meat/bones of the conversation,  and what you ask for you isn’t produced, and what was a chance for team and individuals to be at cause leads to breakdowns and at effect consequences.

    I notice that T nor Nichole answered with what you requested. What can you distinguish about that? What I see, and of course just a stab at an assertion, is that incomplete leadership generates incomplete results/work/ownership.

    On our leader call we looked at the importance of these two weeks from an elevated place- the contexts of our team, the participants, how it goes with money, how it goes on vacations/breaks, what we all ought to take on NOW in service of getting ahead of January 1st payments, etc- and I’m curious what had you not bring the majority of that? I know you and LKT are partnering on Team Being/Production, but since she’s not currently on those calls I relate to you as The One to bring it back to team. Im curious what you see around what we discuss to bring to team and then what actually gets brought?

    Some curiosity I have for you is: What is your relationship to being the One? I notice a pattern on this team of not owning our impact and who we are for this team, I can totally see how I added to this in terms of my vacation last week. What can you see about you being the clearing for it? What, if anything, do you see is missing from this post in relation to the conversation we had on our leader call? And what has it go this way?

    In service of our program, participants, and all of us truly empowering this work AND OUR VACATIONS, would you be willing to swing again?


     Tiffany Turner

    I’ll be available Dec 23 and January 2!

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