8/18 Production

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     Tiffany Turner

    Production – 8/16/2020

    Grad packages

    • They’re in process, T is being contentious of cost and will share both costs and photos of packages with team in the next few days

    Jon and Don and Ryan Final Oral

    • Don new call being reviewed by Sabrina and complete by next Monday
    • Jonathan requested a deadline for when he needs to have his next call in by
    • T send links to Ryan’s reviewed call to LKT and Juliana – calls will be reviewed BY Friday (J) and Sunday (LKT)

    Next steps LDP

    • Jeff to bring something around additional LDP document that is insurance related. Not yet clear on what’s next and will bring to team when flat
    • Sabrina, Nichole, and Brittany supporting Juliana offline in Bree’s LDP enrollment

    Grad check in

    • Check in on if anyone has questions or needs additional enrollment – we’re flat as a team!

    Qual call

    • Sabs to create a one-hour training call for the participants next week (with Sabs + whoever would like to join)
    • The call will support leader team in getting really clear about participant qualification gaps, and how to support them in closing those gaps
    • Training looks like: what is 3 FP clients? This is how to create a pipeline. etc.
    • Sabs to send an email to all declared 2020/2021 team to enroll and share about qualification call/training

    Grad videos

    • Bree and Steve have sent videos
    • Britt wants to know if team is enrolled in also answering the question & sending a video to Britt – team aligned on NOT doing this and keeping it about the participants.


    • Juliana will being to forum


    • Team convo to get really clear about what we’re standing for, for Charlie’s participation in LDP next year
    • Charlie to share his commitment on forum

    Bring voices to Britt’s next steps for LDP thread

    Bring voices to DC reg thread

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