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     Sabrina Pratt

    Following. Having some similar frustrations. I am never sure which of my clients have or have not paid…or when. or when I can expect something to come through…I will go read the other thread.

     Jeff Miller

    This is great stuff Nichole and Brittany. Thank you Nichole for brining it. I will respond on the previous thread that Brittany responded to.


    Thank you.

     Brittany Cotton

    Saw this after I read and responded to the January Post thread. Please see my response there, but wanted to write a line here so you knew it was seen and heard!


    Some issues I’ve noticed with the back office:

    • Not receiving payments in a timely manner
    • Invoices often don’t tell you what they’re for
    • Despite filling in the invoice number and name of the coach, payments are often mis-categorized
    • I don’t receive receipts of my clients’ payments
    • As I mentioned in the “January Payments” thread, some payments are entirely missing
    • There’s no place to view any of this
    • They send invoices on the 18th of the month for the following month (this is confusing to people thinking they already paid)

    I do not want to use the back office anymore. A pretty simple principle of charging money for something is that you are adding value. There is no value-add. Not only is there no value-add, but there’s added frustration. I am not enrolled in using the back office at all. Can someone explain to me why, as program coaches, we can’t just pay for the monthly affiliate fee? That would alleviate a lot of unnecessary time and frustration.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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