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     Charlie Horn

    Thanks T and Brittany.
    once again I am present to my being in the way of forward movement in this program. I see the importance of integrity around confidentiality and Mike having access to the forum while being declared out of AC. I don’t see there is anything to do from here around confidentiality now that we know the request has been made to remove mike from the forum.
    I also see my stand for mike can be in other areas than AC. I’m not enrolled in him being out. What happened to the conversation around the last minute of the last day? What if necessity was at play here. How would each of you be being about mike declaring out? How does this translate into our participants being a stand for each other. From here it seems like we could learn something from the participants. How would being a stand for mike translate into how you stand for things in the rest of your lives.
    it seems like we all have given ourselves permission to give up on mike. How is that translating into how we are being with the participants. What would shift if we all had to learn new ways of being a demand and a stand for our team and our participants when what we have been doing isn’t moving us all forward?
    I know I could use a little more diversity in my approach to all the things I’m up against.
    I am aligned with mike being self declared out and I’m not enrolled. From there I will continue to stand for him in ways that are outside of my comfort zone, familiar, habitual ways of being and doing in service of It all. my growth, my stand, being in relationship, in partnership, Lillian, my future partner.  Especially all of you!! And our participants.
    there is so much power on this team and it is a massively rare occurrence for this much power to be focused. I’m going to continue to be in conversation with mike about AC.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Team,


    I requested 2 weeks ago that Mike no longer be on our forum. I will check in with Genevieve Monday to see what’s so, as this is a breakdown.

     Tiffany Turner

    Team – I notice Mike still has access to our forums.

    Charlie, everyone but you was aligned on Mike being off team. Would you please share where you’re at? I see for you to either be The One to Mike in supporting him to enroll us in his rejoining/staying on team, or aligning with his departure from team and completion with AC.

    In service of integrity and participant confidentiality, would you please let us know what’s so for you by EOD Monday? If you’re wanting to support Mike to rejoin team, please share by when the enrollment will be brought to team.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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