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     Charlie Horn

    Mrs. Turner,

    I can feel your excitement. What a gift you are!! You are a magnificent stand for yourself. Your clarity will have you getting exactly what you want. I love what you are up to with the inner work you are doing. It has me really excited for you. Thank you for sharing it. Thank you for having me along for the ride. 🙂

     Juliana Sih

    Yay T!! Love it and excited to continue this journey with you 🙂

     Jeff Miller

    T! You magical being you! Thanks for going in and coming out several times on this journey so far. Thanks for modeling there is no right way. Thanks for busting through your resistance and being willing to get uncomfortable. I am looking forward to continue to partner with you and see your amazing growth continue.


    Woohoo!! Thanks for bringing All In. I’m happy for the breakthrough you’re having in this and all the breakthroughs to come. xoxo


    Love you.

     Tiffany Turner

    Since Nichole shared what she saw available for me in a breakthrough of Comfortable, since Jeff reframed it as Complacent, and since Charlie took the bad ass stand to demand Patience of me, I’ve been in action from a new place around my life, my commitments, and what the next chapter looks like for me – in parenthood, marriage, business, and AC.

    I have deep appreciation to team for all the support you’ve given me these past weeks, and I’m in awe of the visual experiences I’ve created in my coaching calls these past three weeks. Juliana and Nichole, I’m sorry that we’ve not yet had calls. There’s more to design and I’d love your partnership to create a fuller vision of what’s next. I want you to know my intention isn’t to leave you out of my process!

    On my coaching call with Chelsea yesterday I took a request of creating a Near Term Vision – 1 year from now. I had SO much resistance, and I actually leveraged several prior visualizations and called in different parts of myself – my inner mentor, Mama T, my resistance, and my present day self – to really look at what was in the way, and clear it in partnership with every part of me.

    In that meeting with all of myself, I was able to see that I’ve been hesitant to create any new commitments because of fear of not being able to fulfill on them. It’s what’s kept me out of AC after this year, and it’s what’s kept me from declaring how maternity leave will go, or how business will go. Once I could see this, something shifted, and what I found available is such a vision of what I want.

    Team, I’m all in for AC. I’m suddenly so clear that just as Jack will be dying for adult interaction, intellectual stimulation, and to be contributing and useful in more ways that husband and dad, I will want and need those things to. I can’t imagine anything having me more excited to go back to work, then to come back to all of you and AC. I can also see how the demand of AC structures will be a vehicle to jump start my business after coming to a full stop for maternity leave. I see myself making $2000-$3000/month, and using that money for house cleaners, dog walkers, dog groomers, and baby sitters. All things that will source my well being, all things that will source my marriage. I’m such a demand that Jack and I not give up the commitments of our lives to be all in on parenthood. We can keep those commitments while simultaneously being the parents we want to be.

    If I’m working, and generating income that supports my family in this way, I will have access to the Well Being I want, and that will allow me to continue Sourcing my marriage the way I do, and that will allow Jack and I to continue to be this strong in our marriage, and ALL OF THAT will overflow into how we be parents.

    So it’s with great excitement and clarity that I declare how IN I am to for AC. No end date. No timeline to “get it all done.” This is a vehicle for my life and commitments to work, and I’m here for that.

    I declare myself an LIT now. I will be applying for LIT1 when the time comes, and I request that you all relate to me as a declared LIT hereforth. I’m ready for all that is next, including breakthroughs in Leaning SOOOO Far Back, Patience, Righteousness, and more.

    Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting me, and thanks for loving me!!!!

    <3 T.

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