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     Juliana Sih

    T, I don’t have an answer for you on that. We can talk about it today on our call.

    I created a new accountability sheets names “virtual accountability” to get clear on what we needed to focus on for our call today and module and left out the thing that are not applicable. Looking forward to what we create!

     Tiffany Turner

    I noticed with SM retake that participants had their tests after we proctored the exam – Ryan, for example, posted his exam as evidence that he should have passed.

    In service of the confidentiality of our work, and wanting to keep exams from being passed down (I’m thinking of college – note: I wasn’t a devoted student – and there were professors who gave the same exams year after year, and it wasn’t difficult to find a prior student of that class to give you the exact exam you were about to take – of course, this isn’t a display of integrity, and I hold it that there’s room for our integrity as a company in creating virtual exams in a way that doesn’t allow for the possibility of this).

    Do you have a vision for how to proctor this in a way that limits, or takes way the possibility, of participants having the midterm exam AFTER we’re done proctoring it?

     Juliana Sih

    Mid-term virtual vision:

    My vision for this is pretty simple. I envision that they will come back from a break and then will be ready to take the mid-term test. If they have any questions, I will have them call me on my cell or private message on zoom. I will iterate several times for them to read instructions carefully and thoroughly. Once they are complete, they will email me the forms or submit the test and message me confirmation that it was sent/I received it.

    There might be some training missing (how much time, do we have a form, etc.) here, I will reach out to Jeff and LKT about this and add anything else I see.

     Charlie Horn

    I am aligned Laura, Will you let us know when you post the PTL flyer on Facebook. I will share it there. Anyone else?

     Jeff Miller

    I am excited about bringing my accountabilities and actually being the ZOOM owner. I will be owning all aspects of logistics (in partnership with LKT) around creating different zoom meeting ID’s, breakout rooms, etc. And the best part is I will need to be owner and not manager. I will still need to take breaks and this has me in partnership with team. Very exciting for me here. So my “sign on doors” accountability has a little more weight for this module. I am also owning Birthdays, which I have it similar to how it went last module, we get to sing the worst/best version of the happy birthday song. This also has me partner with Charlie to confirm birthdays prior to the module as well. I also have Workshop Setup, and this looks like patterning with monthly and all of us as far as creating WHO will be leading the workshop and making sure everything is fully supported. Excited and nervous about how it will all go. but it seems like that is the perfect place to be.


    Thanks Juliana. Who else?

     Juliana Sih

    I am aligned with taking a look and creating INTENTION with my accountability. I have not had a chance to create a vision for proctoring the Mid-Term but will bring that before next week to this thread!


    I love your call forth here, T – thanks for having your eye on it with timeliness! (one of my gaps) What I see to add to your request now is that everyone on team by our production call on Tuesday the 28th take a look at this Accountabilities Doc: and spend 15 mins or so reflecting on the INTENTION of the accountability you own and what action or practice you see to own that meets that intention and makes the program World’s Finest.

    So for me I own Marketing Materials, which typically looks like putting our existing Marketing Materials out on the table for our guests and passers by to see and learn more about us. Instead of “welp, guess there’s nothing for me to do there since we don’t have guests” (my first thought), here’s what I see:

    – We arm our participants with a flyer for the AC Coach Training Program AND the PTL Workshop to give to their practice oral guests as a “thanks, here’s more of who we are and what we’re up to. All PCs can be in relationship with the participants to ensure they have and share it.

    – All registrants to the PTL Workshop receive a PTL Flyer to share with a friend and THEY get gift certificates to share with a friend (since they will already have a follow up per our workshop standard practice.

    – I post to Meet-Up, LinkedIn, and Facebook a link to the flyer for our Workshop(s) by May 1st in service of broadening our visibility.

    Can anyone not align with a) looking at the INTENTION of your accountability and create a vision for serving that intention this module in our virtual reinvention game? and b) see something for me around Marketing Materials?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Awesome! Thanks T! This is really helpful! Also- glad to know observations are off the table (just for fun I invited my peeps! 🙂 but I will tell them not this time). Are we offering virtual PTL workshops during the May module?

     Tiffany Turner

    We’re all good!

    Is there another avenue you see to share? A different way of producing our commitment that is different from what I suggested? Please share whatever you have 🙂

    Team, I also just learned that we currently aren’t holding observation for virtual modules. So any accountabilities tied to observation can be removed from the list of things for us to keep an eye on and recreate powerfully, virtually.

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