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     Sabrina Pratt





    DATE: 4/27/20

    PC/LIT NAME: Sabrina Pratt



    PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: I am feeling very frustrated and stuck with both Lesa & Andrew.   


    Client Game: needs attention- I am unqualified


    Current FP Clients: 2


    Clients through AC: 1


    Coach Paid: yes


    Clients Paid: yes


    Insurance: Yes


    Holding anything: no


    Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 1

    Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 2


    By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? I need to be hired asap to be in  qualification.


    My Projects:


    1. Coaching Practice: 8 Full Pay Clients by 6/1/20

    Milestone: 4 full pay clients by 5/1/20

    Update: Have been in more action in the last few days but still not adequate to be hired twice this week, am currently at 2 full pay


    1. Well being/relationship with self

    Milestone: Commit to and empower a daily workout routine

    Update: I think I am pretty depressed and being physically sick this week hasn’t helped at all. I have been good about meal planning and eating healthy meals throughout the day/drinking enough water. I have not been exercising which is required for me to stay mentally and emotionally well. 


    1. Money Breakthrough Project

    Milestone: Catch up on and reconcile past accounting

    Update: I have been showing up so powerfully for my commitment to bust up my money stuff. I am proud of the progress I am making toward paying down my debt, staying in front of my bills and saving. I am empowering my commitment over circumstances like a boss.


    # of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: 2 with Andrew


    PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Lesa Hudspeth: Lesa and I had our call last Wednesday. I posted the update on the forum but in a nutshell, she showed disempowered and back in the indecision of it all. She had lowered her commitment from “IN and empowering this work to work for me” to “keeping an open mind.” She gets easily frustrated and taken out “around all things AC.” I shared my frustration with her and said I do not know how to support her. I reflected that she seems to be committed to showing up disempowered and complaining which sounds like a painful way to be in life, an is a familiar story. Lesa is also acting out a familiar story with her team- it’s one where she says, “I can’t handle this, I’m out” and then her SM twists it into “These people don’t want me here and are happy I left.” She has seen this play out over and over in her life. 


    PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Andrew Mai: Andrew has been in some action and he is creating more balanced and consistent work from home routines. He still relates to some of his contexts as “the correct way to do things.” Which, is a context itself. His contexts that he seems committed to are: right/wrong, win/lose and either/or. He appears to look to me for advice in our coaching sessions. I refuse to give it and I reflect it to him but it concerns me that he continues to view coaching as a fix and stays committed to his context that he doesn’t know or is incapable.


     Juliana Sih

    Check in!


    Leader Check-In: 4/27/2020

    PC/LIT NAME: Nichole MacDonald


    PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: I don’t know


    Client Game: Empowered
    Current FP Clients: 4
    Clients through AC: 2
    Coach Paid: Yes
    Clients Paid: Yes
    Insurance: Yes
    Holding anything: No


    # of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: 2/2



    He is bringing a new declaration to payment thread. We had two calls this past week. The first was focused on connecting to his commitments and designing his actions within those commitments. It was a really powerful call, and the I saw his declaration to make a $100 payment May 1 and was like NO, and we did another call. On that call I addressed WTF happened between our call and that declaration, and he said he had his partial pay client disappear and got really down and was afraid to put any money out. I coached him on that and his new declaration is to put $800 of the $900 he has in his account toward his payment. And then go out and make more money. Sunday he called everyone who had signed up for his fitness classes and asked them to re-up their registration and pay in advance.


    Lauren had sort of a rough week and had a back slide into SM wondering what happened with all her inspiration and that feeling that she had when she was so pumped up. We talked about creating structures that have her keeping more connected to her brilliance and to the conversations she wants to be having without having to rely on remember the feeling or accessing it through determination.

     Tiffany Turner

    Leader Check-In: 4/27/2020



    PC/LIT NAME: Tiffany Turner


    PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: What’s next for Ryan?


    Client Game Commitment: Generate $68k in 2020, touch 500 lives

    Current FP Clients: 5

    Clients through AC: 3

    Coach Paid: Yes

    Clients Paid: Yes

    Insurance: Yes

    Holding anything: No

    Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 0

    Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 1

    By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? July 31

    My Projects:

    #1: Time: Playing for Effortless Enjoyment of Every Moment.

    • UPDATE: I’ve had big shifts in Ease and Effortlessless, Trust and Patience this past week.

    #2: Marriage: Breakthroughs in control + Next Level Passion.

    • UPDATE: Jack and I had sex for the first time since my first trimester sickness. I feel so reconnected with him in a way I didn’t even realize I was missing. And I’m holding space for how natural these experiences are throughout pregnancy.

    #3: Integration of Body, Being, and Doing: I’m a tree in a forest, and as the elements weather my home, I flow and grow in partnership with them.

    • UPDATE: I’m seeing how this and project #1 are morphing into the same. I’ve had a lot of tracking in this through meditation and visioning the last week.

    #4:Business Project: $68k, 500 lives

    • UPDATE: Need to get in touch with JVS about scheduling that workshop for 20-30 people. I also have an opportunity to create workshops with my friend Shannon who’s been asking me to co-create with her for her community.

    Guests for OBS/WKSHP: 1/1/1/1

    # of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls: 1



    Ryan is in a new conversation around money, and he’s committed to creating the $6,800 by May 1, or bringing a powerful enrollment about how it will go as of May 1.


    This week Nancy has reached out a lot for really basic simple support and I’ve simply not responded and let her work herself out. Not sure if there’s a direct correlation to this result, but she’s being more At Cause for her AC commitment on the other side.

     Brittany Cotton

    PC/LIT NAME: Brittany Cotton
    CITY /NUMBER OF CTP: SD Modular 19/20

    PC/LIT Request For Training This Week: Review Jeff call

    Client Game: Empowered
    Current FP Clients: 8
    Clients through AC: 4
    Coach Paid: yes
    Clients Paid: YES
    Insurance: Yes
    Holding anything: No

    Sample Sessions had Last 7 days: 4
    Sample Sessions scheduled Next 7 days: 1

    By when do you need to be hired to remain in integrity? N/A.

    My Projects:

    Goal #1: To produce a piece of art, from self-expression, authenticity, and creation that reflects my unique, spooky, and sultry voice.
    Measure: By July 6th, 2020 1st draft of my book.
    Update: Chapter 2 complete, and already started chapter 3.

    Goal #2: To create a delicious relationship with my body. I am toned, sexy, goddess-like. I move through the world, and my relationship as a sexual being.
    Measure: Toned abs, flat stomach, a completely different sexual relationship with Charlie.
    Update: Empowered!

    Goal #3: A business that is a reflection of my greatness as a woman, coach and leader. Simply: creating what I want and what’s absolutely possible.
    Measure: At least 1.5k a month in non 1-1 coaching income.
    Update: Have sent the flyer to multiple people, going to let 10 old clients know this week.

    # of Co-coaching calls/ Recorded calls:
    Steve -3 Valerie -2

    PARTICIPANT NAME 1: Valerie: Valerie showed up super emotional and taken out on Thursday. I reflected that this isn’t new, and is consequence of “im wrong, I’m fucked.” We looked at all the ways this shows up in her life, and what its getting in the way of.

    PARTICIPANT NAME 2: Steve: Steve has been pretty taken out by some people on team and in his life. He is struggling to be with SMs that are “spikey” and sees that as wrong and dangerous.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks LKT!

    Mine is attached as well.


    can it be attached NOW?

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