Attacker, Sufferer, Quitter

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    Thanks, Kerry!

     Kerry Zurier

    Attacker – Attackers typically go after the other person, team or organization.  They blame and make them wrong and have it be their fault.  Attackers are verbal.  Anger and blame are apparent.

    Sufferer – While sufferers may be attacking or quitting in their heads, they stay and suffer.  They are not happy nor satisfied but stay out of loyalty or obligation.  While sufferers may not overtly blame, you can here the suffering in their descriptions of how it is going.  Sufferers often quit but don’t leave.  Resignation is apparent.

    Quitter – Quitters don’t just talk about leaving, they actually quit.  They often look to the next “shiny new object” which seems so much better than this.  They are righteous about their reasons why this isn’t the time, place, program, team, etc.  And, why they would be better served by quitting.  Righteousness is present.  Quitters may also exhibit anger and blame.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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