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    Here is the update from ACTO: CCEUs are only available for full sessions that are attended live.  Although all registrants will have access to all recordings, there are no CCEUs for watching the recordings. Britt, hope that supports!


    T how can I support around registration?

    Britt asked about CEU’s being available if we don’t attend, but watch the recording, and I have an email inquiry out because it wasn’t clear to me from the website, so I’ll update here as soon as I have that info.

    Is anyone else interested or curious and need support around attending?

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks LKT! Really love your story that you shared! I have been attending conferences a lot lately and most likely will not be attending. I will take a look for myself and let you know if things change.

     Tiffany Turner

    I’ve been passive in my CCEU plan, and I was just getting to a place of worrying that I need to be more At Cause for creating it, but the universe had me in giving me this opportunity! This agenda looks great, thanks for posting about it LKT, or I wouldn’t have known. I’ll get my calendar sorted to attend.


    First, a story about me.

    Some of you know that my former career involved Curriculum & Program Design and Assessment for Intercultural Learning Experiences at a Global Non-Profit that facilitated international student exchanges. It was a badass career and I was a badass Director of my team, facilitator with the volunteers at the grassroots level, and visionary (a 2 minute read – plus a funny pic of me – on that stage of my life here:

    I remember asking Christine Sachs when I attended the PTL Workshop prior to registering how AC addressed intercultural communication differences. I was having trouble reconciling Direct Communication as a core competency when my training and what I taught in my career to date was to value the cultural values for Indirect Communication and Circular speaking, etc. Long story short, I am always looking at the contexts that are born from cultural constructs and intercultural constructs. It’s Armchair Ontologist from essence and love.

    All this to say that when I learned of the Accomplishment Coaching Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Team I wanted in. I’m looking at what being on that team means for me in my leadership and my life, but I’m also excited to be the conduit for our team to access the opportunities that the DEI team’s work is providing to the company! Among them are projects to review AC materials (both internal and external facing) to ensure they speak to as broad and inclusive of an audience as possible and promote learning and education opportunities for leaders to uncover blindspots and have brave (vs. comfortable) conversations surrounding human diversity.

    One of these opportunities is fast approaching:

    ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations) is holding their annual conference in June. The theme is Re-Imagining Coach Education: Exploring Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

    You will have the opportunity to learn about:

    • Coaching for Equity
    • Reinventing Coach Training to Support Diversity in Power
    • Social Justice in Coaching
    • Coaching Across Differences
    • Social Group Identity in Coaching Relationships
    • Race Location and Power in Coaching
    • How Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming Stories Change Us All
    • Cultural considerations
    • Coaching intention vs. Reality
    • Coaching Marginalized populations
    • Teaching Coaching in Intercultural Settings: Decentering Dominant US Cultural Norm

    And a few other topics.

    The training, content, and conversations that will be covered at the conference directly support how we train coaches in our program rooms, how we coach in our program rooms, how we lead our teams – how we can do it all in a way that creates a sense of belonging. Specifically for those that can not currently see themselves in our industry and programs.

    While the AC DEI team can and will create takeaways and best practices from the conference there is no substitute for us if personally invested to hear these trainings and impactful stories directly from the people that have lived the experience and can offer a completely different perspective.

    The conference is virtual from June 8th to June 12th. The cost is $200 USD. If there is a session or even a day that you can not attend, your ticket includes all recordings from the conference. A total of 30+ ICF CCEU hours are available to be earned and are based on what sessions you end up attending.

    Please send any questions and let me know if you decide to register!

    To register:




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