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    Also, on number 12 it should read “open mic” instead of “open mike”.


    JuSih, there’s a typo on number 10:


    • What have you been forgive, let go, allow. Take on completion around those items.

    What have you been [unable to? or unwilling to?] forgive, let go, allow[?] Take on completion around those items


     Juliana Sih
    1. Review the distinction, “Trust as a Gift.” Practice this month.
    2. What do you see has been your biggest transformation? Ask your team to share what they see.
    3. What is one thing you created this year that you wouldn’t change for the world? What made that possible? What is next?
    4. It is the last month of the program. What breakthrough are you committed to having by the last minute of the last day? Share with your buddy.
    5. Schedule five new sample sessions every week and do whatever it takes to get hired.
    6. If you spot it, you got it. Make a list of things that trigger you in others, explore how those same things show up for you, and get clear on your commitment to transform those parts of your Survival Mechanism.
    7. Hire your coach. If you are unwilling to hire your coach, have that conversation with your coach and distinguish what is in the way. Create actions to be coached beyond the CTP.
    8. If you have not already become an affiliate, explore from curiosity what would be in it for you to become one. Practice looking through the lens of enrollment and possibility. If you are unwilling to become an affiliate, have that conversation with your coach and create structures to support your ongoing transformation.
    9. Follow up with everyone you have had a sample session with this year and ask them if they are ready to hire you.
    10. What have you been forgive, let go, allow. Take on completion around those items.
    11. Create your vision for the next year of your life. Optional: Make a vision board of this life.
    12. Safely get out in front of people and have your voice be heard. Some places to look: do a Facebook live, find a virtual “open mike,” take an online improv or acting class.
    13. Create your dream team of at least 20 people from your life that you would LOVE to work with as clients. Share this list with your team. Have a teammate hold you accountable to speaking with each of these people.
    14. Where in your life do you withhold love? What is the impact of this choice on your life? Share with your team.
    15. Find a BNI chapter or other networking organization in your area and present your business!
    16. Confirm your guest for the graduation celebration, which will be Saturday September 12th at 3-6pm PST/ 6-9pm EST / 6 am-9am Perth (Sunday).
    17. Books: You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero and The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer. Recommended: Read at least one book that you did not read from past MOPAs?
    18. Movies: The Pursuit of Happyness and The Matrix
    19. Review the MOPA’s from the year. Take on at least 1 MOPA per month that you did not complete. If you achieved 100% in any month, take on the MOPA that would serve you now.
    20. Schedule and attend a discussion group with your team to discuss this month’s books and movies.
    21. Do and be whatever it takes to deliver on your individual and group promises for client and MOPA games.
     Jeff Miller

    Thank you everyone who has contributed so far to our August MOPAS. I will bring whatever we have created to Kerry tomorrow so please bring what you see by EOD today. Thanks.

     Tiffany Turner

    I too, am very excited for this. I’ve had thoughts over the years and labeled them in my mind as, “That would be an amazing MOPA!” Now I just need to refind all my brilliant ideas. I’ll pop them into the google sheet.

    Thanks for the invitation, Jeff!

     Sabrina Pratt

    I have so many ideas!!! I have been assembling a fun list and will complete by Tuesday!!!

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Team,

    We have an amazing opportunity to create brand new MOPAS for August! In the past, the intensive format only had one month in between module #6 and #7. Since we are now on the desired schedule and have two months prior to module #7 we get to collaborate together and create them. This is so freaking cool for me! I have always wanted to take a stab at this and the best part is I get to do with 8 other amazing human beings! And we can look at the entire year of MOPAS and out participants are really look at what will support them in creating their breakthrough for the year.

    My request is that you put whatever books, movies or other MOPA ideas on the google doc (link below) by EOD Tuesday August 4th. Anyone not aligned with this?


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