Breakdown in schedule/ scheduling.

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     Juliana Sih

    Thanks Charlie for owning the breakdown! We are here to support.


    thanks for playing out loud, Charlie, and coming back in over and over. We are with you. And T thanks for your bold and loving stand.

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks Charlie <3

    I hear that if you were clear on your commitments, you would be in integrity with time, and how time relates to those commitments. Am I with you?

    If so, how can we support you on clarity of what you want to commit to?

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks T,

    ugh it is everywhere I do this. It comes from defense and searching for validation and incomplete.

    it was a breakdown to Bail out on reg at the last minute. It is a result of my decisions made in previous weeks to take on more than I have the capacity to do in the space I am currently operating from. This is a result of not having clear and complete project designs. My breakthrough is in finding balance in what I want to do and what I commit to.  It’s also a breakthrough to find what it is that I want to spend my time doing. Then operating from complete project designs.

     Tiffany Turner

    I love you, and I’m not going to read this post.
    The team continues to reflect and request that you bottom line your communications, and we continue to get really long posts that dilute your power, and that we have to do a lot of work to understand what you want us to get/know from your post.
    im a stand that you next level your ability to land in communicating, and forum be a structure for you to practice.

    Will you swing again at what you want us to know about your schedule breakdown?

     Charlie Horn


    I have not been at cause to play reg/client game consistently. I have not participated in the reg emails. This is a breakdown in generating something new and different in my life. Especially over the holidays I took my time to just float around in the doing of the moment. I did purposefully give myself permission over the holidays to get back into the doing at work because I really enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from building and creating new things at work. Work being my rental properties and developing new useable space. I love operating heavy equipment and doing grading work.
    The momentum of keeping a tight schedule and focusing on generating the long range goals I have of beautiful loving relationships with the people I care about has slowed and that is a breakdown. I am surprisingly ok with how it has gone and I’m adding it to the experiment column of life and taking away from it a fresh start and a refocused vision of how coaching is the vehicle to practice relationship the way I see it to be possible for me in my life outside of coaching.
    the biggest factor in my breakdown is that I have simply once again taken on too much for where I am at and where I want to be. When talking about the projects I do I say it always takes an extra day and an extra dollar. I really see myself as able to do more than what is reasonably able to be done in a day. From there I work my face off to meet my own big expectations and the things that are not in my automatic comfort zone of doing get dropped along the way.
    I was scrolling through my text message history and saw a thread with Brittany and Mike from a couple months ago where Brittany shared a quote that has had me relating to my automatic way of taking on too much as something that can go differently.
    “Voluntary simplicity means going fewer places in one day rather than more, seeing less so I can see more, doing less so I can do more, acquiring less so I can have more.”

    being sourced, slow is fast, well being, being at choice, at cause, complete, simple and easy,

    mall the stuff we have been practicing. “The work” leads me to see that I am but one man capable of swinging the hammer only so many times in a day and for me to live my life the way I want to it means I have to continue to do “the work” all of it. I have to allow myself the space and time to balance the doing of what I love to do at work, parenting, showing up grounded in open hearted conversations letting go of my defended self, coaching practice, practicing generating relationship with myself and others inside me first. Seeing that I am responsible for getting why I give.

    forgive me team for spitting the hook on reg today. It was a breakdown. I will create and be at cause to have the balance in all areas of my life that allow for it all to be possible. It starts with not over commuting myself and doing the work to be in that open unguarded essence.

    what do I need you ask. I’m still playing for breakthroughs in asking myself What I need and then getting it, speaking my truth, seeing my self my experience as worthy of expression. What I need is to be called out. Don’t let me hide in silence. Give me the opportunity to put myself out there. I’m not reliable to do it on my own.
    Thanks T

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