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     Tiffany Turner

    When I was in kindergarten, there was this Muslim girl who wore a headscarf. She wasn’t bullied with words, but was massively un-included for being different. Every day, her mom would pack her biscuits dunked in chocolate, and they were one of my only access points to sugar as a kid. I liked sugar. So at recess most days, I would befriend my classmate just long enough, until she let me have one of her chocolate biscuits, then I’d ditch her to do my own thing.

    This is the moment that I learned that the world isn’t safe, because people can be dishonest and manipulative. What’s more scary for 5 year old T, is that I AM the dishonest, manipulative one.

    I have it that Integrity from Essence is so strong for me in-part because of this. It’s also what has my SM Controlling Scarecrow be such a psycho.

    Thanks for asking!

     Charlie Horn


    thanks for sharing your request for support. I’m curious about your 5 year old experience. Will you share it?

    When I follow up I go right to the question after a hi how are you. It doesn’t sound like much of a relationship building process. That is a point of growth for me. To build relationship first. Thanks for sharing how you worked yourself out of the goo.

     Tiffany Turner

    Right after posting this, I took a coaching request to Wendy around this, and I generated two new things:

    1) An awareness that my relationship to reg is the same as my relationship to My Event from when I was 5 years old and learned that the world isn’t safe. Amazing clearing that out of my subconscious space.

    2) Breaking down my reg game to a simple, clear, 4 part plan: (1) Initiate a convo (2) Share my intention (3) Get consent (4) Do my job. I LOVE THIS! So empowered around it.

    Still wanting to hear what you see for me in the support requests, but wanted to share what else I’d created <3


     Tiffany Turner

    Fam –

    I’m in the goo of my breakthrough in following up with people – clients, reg leads, all of it – and I could use some support.

    Because this is new and uncomfortable for me, I’m being SUCH A WEIRDO. Can you share: 1) what helps you be flat in your follow ups? 2) what is some of the language you use in following up with people? I notice my tendency to be over-the-top friendly, which is actually just a flavor of my discomfort on loud speaker.

    What do you see for me?

    Love you,


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