Breakthroughs for the Year

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    Lol B you gave Jeff the how in your parenthesis (and it’s the same when you vehemently nod your head on production when someone else is asking a how Q)

     Sabrina Pratt

    Haha. Super down to play!

    I actually said my thing to Lesa just this morning (see the payments thread) and it generated all kinds of never before seen intimacy and connection and breakthroughs for her and me and probably also her team as I have it that she is taking much of our conversation to her teammates.

    To Andrew I would say: You are not a confused and lost child or a total weirdo on the fringe of society- From your rightful place as a powerful man and a king how do you say your life will go from here?

    To myself I would say. Uh. The exact same things I say to Andrew & Lesa- haha. I would say, “Sabs, you are a babe and a total baller. You are fully willing to trust and have faith and play on a whole new level, please, for the love of god, stop pretending you are anything but a total fucking BOSS and do whatever the fuck you have to do to put your big girl pants ON and change the fucking world, already.”

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks for both of the post Brittany. It is funny when I post things and then wait and read them back. Zero intimacy on my initial post! Pretty hilarious that we both had a similar experience of talking to our breakthroughs, but not actually being them. Great assertion and thanks for switching up how this forum is going to go.

    I like this game! And I see your participant challenge and I raise you a Leader challenge. Include one thing you would also say to yourself in service of stand and rigor. Willing to play?

    Vicky: “It will be so ironic to let your time context have you run out of time to get what you came here for. Ready to set that down and actually create a new relationship with yourself and time?

    Jeff: “The one thing you want in this world, is the one thing you want give. How about you actually (and not pretend) to play for intimacy and connection?”

     Brittany Cotton


    And what’s so perfect is my breakthrough is missing in my response. My suspicion is most of us would respond to the breakthrough question, outside of the breakthrough- cause thats our wheelhouse!!

    My breakthrough for the year is Partnership. And I see that there is a measly amount of partnership in my response to you. I see it in my reflection around how it goes, but it feels a bit like “hey Jeff theres that thing over there, go deal with it.” And this is what I want to break up in my leadership cause it doesn’t have me cause breakthroughs and leadership now, or bring rigor. (Well to be fair, it may sometimes) Its similar to my distinguishing lots, then stopping.

    I want us to have this conversation, because we are speaking about what the peeps are at risk of not breaking up, and I have it we all have something we are at risk of not breaking up as well, which gets in the way of our breakthroughs.

    What I see to take on to generate mine is to start by having a call in the next week with each of you in support of whats next for you, and causing your leadership, and asking for your partnership in generating a team breakthrough in Rigor.

    Heres my idea: I would like each of you to respond with one thing you haven’t said to your participant, and by when you will. (I see this in service of us having a breakthrough in rigor and stand, and supporting our peeps breakthroughs).

    The next thing is having a breakthrough in support as access to breakthrough in partnership, I see them in cahoots together. Who will partner with me around support??

    To respond to my own request:

    Steve: “Every person on this team is access to you breaking up hiding, and you robbing us of your greatness. Quit this “warm and fuzzy” bullshit, its in the way of your breakthroughs, and your teams.” by when: TONIGHT!

    Valerie: “Aren’t you tired of suffering through life? You get on our call every week distraught from our hard it is. How much longer will you suffer in “its hard?” by when: Tomorrow!

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Jeff- there is no intimacy in this. Will you swing away in service of your breakthrough?


    (you avoid intimacy by putting something in from leader, and then not sharing for you, but asking us about us)

     Jeff Miller

    Hey everyone,

    I was writing an email to Kerry that had me get connected to my breakthrough for the year. AND I have to be honest, I forgot mine for a moment. My breakthrough is intimacy. And on the one hand I can see that I have definitely gone further that I would have gone last year, but I still see so much more room to play with. What would my life look like if I had the consistency and rigor WITH intimacy in all of my relationships and games? That is a very cool picture to see for me.

    How is everyone else being about their breakthroughs for the year? We are at the half way point, which means now is the time to generate how we want to go from here. What do you all see for yourselves and for our team?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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