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     Juliana Sih

    LKT and Britt, thanks for all the reflection! Sabs thanks for jumping in at a moments notice and being willing to support Bree (Bri??). I acknowledge you for your power, heart and care!

    I see where LKT and Britt are pointing. I reacted out of automatic (panic) and then was in the middle of something and was like ok, someone else can take care of this because its URGENT. Bree is going to drop out today if I don’t answer right at this moment. -blurp on what was happening in my head 😛 I do also see my sneaky SM trying to get out of the tough conversation. Gah, didn’t even see that in the moment.

    Thanks for the invitation to slow down and really choose from a powerful place! Taking that on 🙂

    I just texted Bree for us to get on a call. Will keep you all posted about what comes out of that!



     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks so much for bringing this LKT. Jeff pointed to this on the other thread as well, but I do think we have been so quick to give training and feedback 1-1, that the whole team misses out on a lot of gold. I am really committed to us empowering this platform so we can support, grow, challenge, and be team together, by doing it… you guessed it: TOGETHER!

    The only thing I would add is the humanity of our team, and our actions. One of the things that stands out to me about all of this is the AUTOMATICS, the reaction inside of our habits. Bree is doing what she does when scared, Sabs reacted to save the day and take it on herself to make sure it’s all okay, Juliana was ready/quick to hand off the “scary” conversation. As a reminder so much of what we are doing here, for ourselves and the participants, is to give everyone the gift of choice and action/being outside of automaticity. Notice how quickly we all allow each other to play out our parts. Mine is to jump in fast to make sure its efficient or “right” which often times allows for Jeff to lean back, etc.

    My invitation to all of us is to slow downnnnnnnnn. Red flags are normal, its “opportunity to get powerfully represenced to commitment” season! Our work is transformation not instant gratification. I see the opportunity for all of us to lean back a bit so we can notice our own patterns/behaviors, each others, and then give space for ourselves and each other to choose out of it.

    My commitment and declaration is to 1. not be the first to speak up in service of a breakthrough control AND causing leadership, 2. Trust first!, 3. say the bold thing, and call each one of us out!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi- thank you!

    Yes- I definitely reacted out of my automatic this morning. I felt some urgency and ownership like “omigosh, Bri is my person, I gotta make sure she stays enrolled or we will have Lauren Steely all over again!” I was also present to JuSih being at the doc with her Mom so I wanted to support JuSih there, too.

    Due to our brief texting convo where JuSih said she was ok if I reached out- I went ahead and contacted Bri directly- I get that it was some very quick partnership and not in full team alignment. Bri and I have already been in contact via messenger this week and I knew she was in her stuff. I wasn’t surprised to see JuSih’s text this morning and saw her replies to me as the “green light to contact Bri directly.”

    I know that quite a few peeps on this participant team: (Bree, Lauren, Sarah, Jonathan, Ryan K.) have some relationship with me outside of their participation on this team and some of them (Lauren & Jonathan) I see on the regular and hang out with, Bri and I do text and communicate regularly but don’t see each other as often. I want to be sure I am creating partnership and relationship in alignment with my team and my role as PC in how I move forward.

    I did not know this: “In general, if a PC who is not assigned to the participant reaches out in support it is done in partnership and alignment with team first.”  Thanks for putting that training in- duly noted- would you be willing to share more about what you see for this piece of training?

    My own participant year is pretty fresh for me and my own incompletion around how things went for me/our participant team are coming up really strong right now. The holidays also got me shook. I have incompletion with my fam and my Sis, as you could hear on the reg call today. I recognize that I am “owning” people. Like, “I registered/influenced them and now they can’t afford it and it’s my fault that they’re stressed so I gotta save them.” That’s my own completion to take on. I welcome the support of team, please!

    I get why it has been called “quitting season” in the past and it seems more like “opportunity to get powerfully re-presenced to commitment” season is more empowering but I know that doesn’t have quite the same ring.

    Also. And this is my context here: Why don’t attackers have their own season?! NOT FAIR. Is it just always open season on attackers?! Ugh. I feel attacked. #onbrand 

    Your friendly neighborhood attacker who loves you all so deeply and is definitely just kidding;



    Thanks Juliana for bringing a support request to the team around Bree and her wobbles in her commitment to the program to you via text. I have some training for the team around this.

    First, our commitment is to empower the Program Coach as the first and primary point of contact for the participants, so while I totally acknowledge your willingness to jump in and support, Sabrina, it doesn’t sound like Juliana and Bree had a chance to connect around this beyond text and it occurs over here as a swift reaction made out of relationship. This is a beautiful opportunity for Juliana and Bree to lean into their relationship and have Bree be made a difference for. This will likely put something in the space and in the dynamic in the PC-participant relationship. So Sabs, glad to know that Bree is “reempowered and re-presenced to possibility and ready for a powerful call with Juliana this afternoon” (your words from the GroupMe), but can you both also see the missed opportunity it was to have Sabrina step in right away? In general, if a PC who is not assigned to the participant reaches out in support it is done in partnership and alignment with team first. Juliana, will you reach out for a support conversation with me or Jeff around any clean-up you see necessary?

    Secondly, wobbles are normal, ESPECIALLY three months into the program. It’s affectionately referred to as “quitting season” in that the participants have been getting to know their Survival Mechanisms and their SMs have been given notice that they don’t get to run the show anymore! So let’s all not be surprised or react too swiftly if and when we see wacky SM-driven stuff from any of our participants. This goes for now – and throughout the year.


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