Bucky – Unity is plural at minimum two

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     Charlie Horn

    Kerry, when you read this over our module it hit me heavily. I related it to my defended self and my undefended self. Essence and SM. the angel and the devil sitting on my shoulder whispering, sometimes yelling, in my ear.

    What has been sitting in my space is the realness of what is happening in me and that I will manifest the same experience outside of me. From creating the fully integrated relationship with myself, essence in relationship with SM seeing each as whole and perfect “there can be no useless parts”, I will naturally go out and relate to others essence and SM in the same way. simply and easily BEING in relationship. trusting my SM to keep me safe, trusting my ESSENCE to bring into relationship all the Love available to me and others.

    Thanks for fanning the flames with posting this reading.

     Kerry Zurier

    “Unity is plural and at minimum two.”


    Bucky says that this is a universal principle which means it is true for all cases in the universe.  It is powerful if you understand it and apply it.

    Every system in the universe is composed of other systems.  Even an atom is composed of parts, which are composed of parts, which are composed of parts.

    About the “minimum two” part, Bucky often wrote that there is no concave without convex, no system inside without outside, and no self without otherness.  So two is the minimum requirement for unity.

    One of the success secrets for partnering is that you and your partner both view, and jointly manage, the larger system comprised of your two entities instead of viewing and managing only what’s inside your own boundaries.  You each seek to optimize the larger system, thus increasing the rewards available to your two subsystems.

    First, you needn’t, in fact you can’t, give up your individuality in order to be a member of a team.  Diversity is the nature of wholeness.

    Second, you can’t experience integrity without challenge, whether it is the internal challenge to integrate what you say and what you do, or the relationship challenge to create with, and protect the interests of, others who are different than you.

    Third, your opportunity is limited only by the extent to which you intend to be of value to the world.  The larger the “game” you define for yourself, the more opportunity there is for you to be and to do your “part.”

    Fourth, every thought, talent, and voice is important no matter what you have been taught to think.  There can be no useless parts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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