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     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Julianna & Team!

    I must admit. I had some sleepless nights and JuSih & client game have been on my mind a lot. What’s going on? How are we doing?

    All my love;


     Juliana Sih

    I will bring a conversation to production around this!

     Charlie Horn

    Yes Julianna,

    This really makes sense to me for me too. My hold backs around action are from the subtle story that plays out in the background of I’m not good enough. Causing all the cyclical self fulfilling prophecy and reinforcing evidence that keeps me right in the middle of my comfort zone. Great job finding a new level of understanding and inspiration to take another step into next level action that will create new reinforcing evidence for what a powerful coach and person you are. You got this. More clear organized action. Why do you need for next level support in your next level action?

     Jeff Miller

    HAHAHA Nichole that is the best forum post I have seen in 3 and 1/2 years! Pure freaking GOLD!


    With all the love in my heart, I’m just wondering why this is so hard. Yes, structures are important. Yes, breakthroughs are necessary. And, I feel like you’re over-complicating it. I sort of want to shake you and scream, “Go out and get clients!” Like… just do it! This reminds me of the 40 Year Old Virgin. You’re putting pussy on the pedestal, JuSih. ??? Sorry for the crude reference but it’s what popped in my head. And yeah, you know me. I’m wondering what this means and what’s next.

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Juliana,

    Thanks for playing out loud and being so reliable to get supported by our coach. I notice that in our latest post you did not acknowledge that you are past your 30 day extension. What do you notice about that? I see this as a team breakdown. There seems to be something in the air around NSNK decelerations where we are like ya ya I am sure things will be fine. Can we all see these around the tuition breakdown with the participants?

    I want to acknowledge you for creating simple structures and getting back to basics for your life and your business. And I am still not sure if that will make the difference? What does the rest of the team have to say? How can we best support you Juliana, not just for your client game, but also for you to show up as badass leader consistently.

    WIth all the love in my heart I am standing for THE POWERHOUSE to be here and transform lives.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Julianna! I am so right there with you up against my own breakthrough in creating a “new normal” for myself. Thank you so much for sharing!!! As we say in improv: Got your back!!!

     Juliana Sih

    Hey Team!

    I want to own a breakdown: STRUCTURE AND INACTION. Last week, I had a call with my coach. And what came to light through that call is that I don’t need anymore distinguishing or awareness, what I need is structures and more action. Simple and easy right? Well come to find out, the structures that I currently have in my life have me playing the half game or the “just getting by” game.

    It seems kinda obvious after the fact but this became full fledge clear when when I created a structure with my coach to text her nightly to share what was IN and OUT of integrity. And most of the time, I had done about half of what I declared I would do. This consistently plays out all over the place and its been happening for a long long time. I can see how I’ve trained myself and mindset to do the minimum. Another thing I noticed is being out of integrity causes me a lot of angst. It feels dishonest and causes me overwhelm.

    I am in process of creating more structures in my life and reevaluating the structures I currently have. And I don’t actually know what this will look like. But I am starting simple.  I need structures to keep me focused and not hopping around from email, to forum, to client game, to writing to social media. Most days I don’t even know what I spent my time on. I created time slots where I respond to emails, play client game and in process to create writing time. Second, I created some barriers around work. Giving myself too much time actually has me delay things. I will only work from 9-6pm daily. No more no less, just like at my corporate job. Knowing that I have till 9pm to work does not serve me and my life. I will go to be bed between 9-10pm and waking up at 5-5:30am. I work at my desk everyday, not all over the house. And I not spending time with distractions during the day like cleaning, doing laundry, grocery shopping etc unless really needed. I am committed to generating my ideal day, everyday. I could use support on how to utilize the structures I currently have (like AC) to empower my life and cut the half game game. I will reach out to team tomorrow. I love this structure and team, and cannot envision my life without it, but need to identify how to use it to have all my life work.

    I see a lot for team and our participants in this! I think we are all amazing coaches and are great at distinguishing contexts for each other and ourselves. But maybe what we all need is a dose of action and allow that to be access to distinguishing. Rather than vise versa. What do you see for yourself in this conversation? What would more action oriented conversations generate for your participants and your life?

    I declare getting hired this week! And creating a breakthrough in structures that has me playing the 100% game.

     Juliana Sih

    Wanted to give a quick update about whats happening with my client game.

    I am falling in love with the process of a breakthrough. Going through the muck, getting support, taking action, getting in the muck, repeat. Chop wood, carry water.  Swinging over and over again and getting gold along the way is a new way of being for me. I feel heard, seen and held from this whole process.

    I wanted to share some breakthrough that I have had a long the way of getting to today. Breakthrough in peace, surrender, self-compassion, going beyond where I stop, taking quitting off the table, removing drama from my business and romantic relationship, consistency, authenticity, support.

    On my last coaching call I distinguished my relationship with declare and fulfill. Pre-coaching call, disempowering, post coaching call empowered! Not only empowered but taking a look at my life from curiosity and adventure, like Dora the Explorer. I feel like I am on a treasure hunt, learning more about myself and my blocks, and getting back up to do the uncomfortable thing, letting go of old stories and habits, generating even when “I don’t feel like it”.

    I declare a breakdown in Relationship and Stand in my client game. I will reach out for team to support me with a BUFCA!

    Sabs and I had a great power hour today and it created something different for me to be able to bounce ideas off someone in the moment. I am going to create 3 additional power hours per week for client game with teams across the company.

    Thats all I have for now. What breakthroughs have you already had in client game? What breakdowns have you not declared? What’s next for you in client game?



     Sabrina Pratt

    Client game Power Hour Today 1/27/20 from 3-4pm pst!!!

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