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    I love the data that Sabs brought to this conversation. I love a fellow data nerd! It really does cut all the ambiguity and emotion out of it because you just see the work and the results. Boom.

    JuSih, I notice that I offered to brainstorm with you and you said that would be great and we haven’t done it. When would you like to do it? I can chat tomorrow night once I get settled into my hotel. I also have some time Wednesday while I’m at the airport in the afternoon. I can also do Monday, December 16. Let me know what works.

     Tiffany Turner

    J thanks for playing your CG out loud. I notice I read and follow along, but don’t play out loud here. Since I have 3 FP clients, I make that mean that I’m not qualified to be the person supporting you in your client game, which is silly and ridiculous.

    I see a lot of people on our team playing for a breakthrough in client game, and I’m reminded of MY declaration to lead qual/client game this year. I declare I will have designed a new structure for qual/client game by EOD Monday and bring a post to forum Tuesday.

     Juliana Sih

    Just wanted to give everyone an update –

    I did not get hired last week. I had 2 sample sessions that led to a follow-up. Next week I have 3 sample session scheduled on Monday and a follow-up call on Wednesday. My declaration is to get hired twice next week.

    I want to own that I have a client completing at the end of next week. We are having a conversation Thursday to share what I see for her in continuing our partnership. If she completes that will leave me at 2 FP. I noticed I have been scared to tell team because of shame AND its been a power leak for the past few weeks. And all the power leaks lead to me suffering. And I’m already really good at that, so I’m trying something different and taking full responsibility.

    On the plus side, I am playing client game consistently. This past week I asked for referrals, connected with people on Linkedin, organized my pipeline, updated contact info, created a system to track metrics, reading a sales book, created templates, organized a workshop and drafted a flyer for my business. Taking lots baby steps on creating this pipeline machine and getting my client game handled. I know I am going to get hired, this shall be!

     Aarti Mallya

    Juliana I acknowledge your post and will acknowledge and connect with you so we can support each other.

     Juliana Sih

    OMG I love this Sabrina. It seems simple when you look at it this way. I’ve worked on creating a daily routine around my outbound process and tuned in up so it can just be like a systematic machine/process.

    That makes it easier/simpler to create consistency.

    My coach and I created a weekly checklist and distinguished that the only wrong action is no action.

    Declaration is to get hired by Wednesday! I have a discovery call tomorrow, 1 follow-up on Wednesday and a networking event tomorrow.


     Sabrina Pratt


    Delayed reaction reply:

    You know I love to turn things into games!!! I have been creating games out of “tasks” since I was a kid- my Mom taught me how to do it and Mary Poppins made it all glam. One of my clients and I literally sang “just a spoonful of sugar” at the end of our coaching call last week because she was taking on some household projects and wanted to make it more fun. This same client also dressed in baggy pants and Charlie Chaplin’ed around her office to make that task of tidying more fun. Come on?! Hilarious! My project designs have become games to me- I am awarding myself rewards that I actually really, really want and have seen the light in terms of small rewards. For sure. Sometimes my small rewards are things I “would do anyway” like take the doggy for a walk. I am just like, “Ok- why dontcha call 10 people, create 2 sample sessions and reply to that one email by 4pm then take your little fried chicken shaped puppers for a walk?” Then I look forward to the walk enough to get up the momentum to start the action.

    I totally had a break through when I stopped treating my improv theater like a weird hobby I did “on the side” and started viewing it as my business. I am in the process of creating this breakthrough with my coaching practice. Basically, I’m like, “Why NOT be a full time coach?!” And once I had that thought I was like, “Ok, what will it take to get to full time coach?”

    Right now I have a spreadsheet that has been tracking all of my SS, follow ups, clients, etc. since Oct. 2018 when I started my coaching practice. Because my SM is a freaky lil’ liar sometimes I also track how much money I have made coaching, hours spent coaching, feedback, etc. My SM is quieted by facts. And I am reassured by facts. So- I use this spreadsheet to give me information. Like, right now I know:

    I avg. 3.45 ss to result in one full pay client

    Which means: I need to have 20.7 ss to result in the 6 more full pay clients to get me to the 9 full pay I declare by 12/15/19.

    It takes me avg. 11.75 reach outs (text, call, email,  Facebook messenger) to book one full on sample session with a potential client.

    So, to start the car from 0 MPH, I will need to do 243.225 reach outs over the next 16 days which is 15.186 per day. Not scary at all. I can knock that out in 20mins. Which means I can actually get AHEAD of schedule (which is what I would need to in order to meet that declaration) by reaching out to more like 60 people per day.


    I know that when I leave my car engine idling or turn it on now and then to keep it warm it cuts the amount of reach outs that I have to do in half. In other words: I can also maintain conversations with people, stay in relationship with people I did ss with a long time ago, tell people I am a coach, request referrals, follow up with referral requests, do inquiry and discovery calls prior to ss scheduling, etc. in order to stay in action.

    SO- I have a lot of fun thinking of how I can “win” this game.

    Hope this is helpful! All my love!!!

     Juliana Sih

    Thanks Nichole. I would love some brainstorm. I need to schedule more sample sessions. I had 2 last week and 2 this week. But I probably need about 5 more to get hired. So open to support around creative ways to schedule sample sessions 🙂

    I feel empowered and in action. Finding ways to stay out of my SM has been the biggest, but most rewarding challenge. Tonight I went for a walk to get out, and vented to a friend.

    Will be out loud with the next few days.




    Hi Juiliana! Thanks for bringing this support to team. I am here for you when you need acknowledgement, and also if there’s any other structures you want to create around your client game, I’m down to brainstorm. Aside from asking for acknowledgement from team, what other actions are you going to take on to have your client game go differently?

     Juliana Sih

    Hey team,

    I want to bring the support that I need on forum for my client game. It’s so easy for me to get lost, or make it complicated in what I need around this. Shame and guilt come into play making me want to hide in my basement because then no one can see the “mess” I am in. Familiar, annoying and not the experience of life I want to have.

    I was talking to an old teammate and he was talking about how when things are “ok”, I don’t really take much action. When the water is up to my nose and I am about to drown, then I take action from a panicked, freaking out, SM place. So a place for me to look is “I get results when____”. What I distinguished is I create results from panic, freak out mode and some flavor of damsel in distress. It makes sense why I would avoid taking action because taking action is synonymous to panic. And why switch things up, I get results when I panic.

    Anyway you get the point…

    And from commitment, that is not the way I want to live life. My commitment is to experience life from openness, play, connection, love and presence. None of that is possible from the way I have set up my client game.

    So in saying all that I would love some support from team. This is the universes sign that it’s time for me to shift this pattern, and I am actually excited about it going differently. Client game is the most prominent place in my life that I suffer. OMG, just thinking about what my life will be like with a steady-action oriented client game gets me stoked.

    So the support I could use right off the top of my head is acknowledgement. I will be reaching out to teammates daily to get some support on this. I am good with a simple text or short phone call. If I get an inkling of shenanigans, that will be my indicator to reach out. I will also reach out to team for any “how to” so I don’t spend too much time in my head.



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