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     Jeff Miller

    Oh Charles! Man I have nothing but love for you, but you suffer from excusitis. What would your life look like if you didn’t let circumstances throw you around like a load of stinky laundry. I see you as caring, fierce, love and leader. And what I notice, is that you are not reliable to show up like this. What I would love to see and at this point it is actually a demand that you show up in your power or really give some thought to this being the structure. As program coach (as opposed to a participant), it is all about what value you are creating and giving to the participants and the leader team. What I notice is that you are solid during the modules and are a bad Kardashian episode in between the modules. I know that is not what you are committed to and what I am standing for is consistent actions to actually shift this. Are you willing ?What are the NSNK structures and accountability that you need to play that game?

     Charlie Horn

    Hi all,
    I’m moved and putting my house back together. Through my resistance I hired movers to help and it was a breakthrough for me to make that happen. I had a great time with my brother and his family in Ohio. I worked it out to close escrow and move in the 2 days I was back from Ohio before going to snow bird in Utah.
    I had an epic guys trip snowboarding. I realized while I was gone how threatened I am by other men. I was with a group of 9 successful caring generous kind dudes. It made me realize How much I am making up in my head about what others think of me when it is really just me thinking those things about me and projecting it onto myself I have lots of letting go to do still and I’m committed to being more accepting of myself and less judgmental.
    My second escrow on the sale of one of my industrial properties just closed. It’s been a couple years in the making from a longer 15 year plan. I remember telling myself I wanted to be retired when I was 40 and while I don’t plan on retiring I am in a place where I have to option to choose what I do. I remember one of my fellow diesel mechanic friends telling me about the idea of work to live don’t live to work. That’s been a goal of mine as well over the last few years and I am practicing that concept more and more.

    Nichole, I am practicing using paragraphs. Thanks for pointing that out I wouldn’t have thought about it before you said something. How am I doing?

    Sabrina, I just watched the Jim Carrey video. You put on group me. Wow!!! I love that guy. You should totally invite him to do a sample session. He would get some huge value from you!!

    im Going to catch up on the forum by tomorrow.
    it looks like there has been a lot of action from all the emails I have.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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