Clarification around LDP, Reg, and more

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     Tiffany Turner

    Nancy declares in two calls ago, and then on yesterday’s call she said she’d been panicked about LDP all week and she decided she doesn’t need LDP to create what she wants next.

    I coached her objections from unattached, and I hold it that the LDP conversation is still ongoing and open for her. Nancy has deep discomfort with deadlines/timelines, and she was able to distinguish that her fear of deadlines is in the way of all her current projects, and future declared projects. I know there’s more for her to uncover there, and I’ll continue to support her in the convo and play out loud here!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Andrew wants to do LDP and is concerned that he doesn’t have full pay clients yet for monetary reasons and because he has it that he will need clients in order to qualify for LDP.


    Aligned with what ya’ll have brought here and would be great to keep this thread alive with updates from others – what are the conversations your peeps are bringing around this? Who needs what support?

     Jeff Miller

    Yes I think having flat conversations with our peeps is crucial. It is a lot to be with for our peeps right now. They are coming close to graduating, building businesses and thinking about what is next. And we have LDP, Reg, affiliate, etc. Patience and consistently checking in on these things I see as a next level of support for our peeps. Thanks for bringing the convo Nichole.

     Juliana Sih

    What I see for our peeps is to encourage them to bring their support requests. I’m going to schedule a call with Sarah to lay a few planks. Simple questions to create her Dream Team.

    For Bree, I will check in to see if she is open to an enrollment conversation around reg and share what I see for her in playing reg.


    Lauren reached out this morning and asked me if there was an “LDP” call today, and I think she meant registration. She is clear now that there is a call tomorrow for reg at 12:30 and that LDP is different but also sorta same. It just reminded me that we should all check in with our participants and make sure they’re clear on what calls they are “invited” to now and encourage them to be on reg tomorrow. Also, I noticed last week that Nancy looked like she felt out of place and when I pinged her just to say hey, she told me that she felt she didn’t belong there. I know the first call we had with the new peeps we welcomed them, but not everyone was there and I think we could use a little more loving up of the new peeps so they feel really empowered around their presence and being needed on reg. T and I already spoke about Nancy and I believe T is going to ask Cailin to welcome everyone again (T, did you do that or do you need any support?).

    Okay, that’s what I got! Anyone else got something for peeps or something for me?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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