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    This is the testimonial I mentioned on GroupMe that wouldn’t post because it was too long.

    “Having witnessed Nichole MacDonald rise to success over the last six years, I have enormous respect for the way she’s displayed innovative thinking and led with feminine power. She’s like having a best friend that becomes President. You love her and are honored to be led by her.

    Although the monetary success she’s created is impressive, it wasn’t the millions of dollars she’s generated that caused me to pay attention. To me, it’s evident that revenue generation is simply a by-product of her visionary leadership.

    What I value most is watching her make magic happen as she interacts seamlessly between selling a product she believes in, leading her team and growing a community, and that’s what makes me designate her a true, authentic influencer.

    She’s the kind of influencer that cares about individuals, has a desire to bring people together and wants to make a positive impact on the world at large. Her listening talents, considerate insightfulness and giving heart are now parlayed into the area of coaching and it’s a magnificent opportunity for us all.

    I feel personally blessed to work with her knowing I’m in a strong unit of support that beckons me to be an independent thinker and go after impossible dreams. Between her recent Beyond Bossing event and my private coaching sessions, Nichole has opened my mind and soul to several deep internal shifts.

    I know that with Nichole as my Coach I will reach next-level growth; not because she will make it happen, but because I am empowered to bring my light to the world through a collaborative effort that encourages unapologetic goal setting and absolute authenticity.”

    -De’Anna Nunez, Founder of VitalMind Inc., High-Performance Hypnotist, Trainer and Keynote Speaker

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