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     Aarti Mallya

    Sabrina I love this so much. Congratulations on all your successes, you are amazing.

    I usually just look at what’s wrong/what can be better instead of looking at what’s already good. Thank you for pointing out so many great things about so many wins in team client game.

     Jeff Miller

    Love this Sabrina! Congratulations and thank you for being a walking declare and fulfill billboard! I often don’t celebrate/put my wins on loud speaker. Keep em coming!

     Tiffany Turner

    What a beautiful milestone in both action and mindset. Thanks for modeling Excellence in finding all that is right in your business!


    More posts like these from Sabrina please =) %$#@!


    Sabrina, this is awesome! Congratulations on making your client goals come to fruition. You are such a great example of possibility and I appreciate your playing out loud here, on reg, and all over your life. You are sunshine, brilliance, power, fun, team!!!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I have been thinking about writing this but hesitant to share because I know that we are in the process of creating a team breakthrough around client game and qualification. I didn’t want my words to make anyone feel bad. But I realize that it’s weird to keep the good stuff from my team. It is almost like me withholding myself and my friendship. I also believe it is just as important to share the victories and the breakthroughs as the breakdowns. And, I can see how sharing a breakthrough in one area for one member of our team also serves to create a breakthrough in other areas.

    I would also just really like to celebrate with my team!

    So- I just finished some checklist items before my coaching call with Berna tomorrow morning AND here’s some cool things:

    I have 10 clients. 4 full pay, 3 partial pay, 2 ac participants and 1 pro bono. Current paid coaching hours are 220.

    My coaching practice is “full” at 10. This is actually a HUGE victory for me. Just a few short months ago I rolled into our first module, my first module as program coach with 0 clients. I had one full pay who had paid but hadn’t actually started with coaching yet as in we had not yet had our first call. I was in total client game breakdown. I created one more full pay client and 2 partial pay clients (in my group coaching) during that weekend to qualify myself that module. I felt guilty and bad that not all members of the team were qualified and I also felt bad that Nichole was upset on Monday night. I remember feeling sad at lunch on Sunday of that first weekend because it felt like the rest of team was focused on what was “wrong.”

    Like, HURRAY, ya’ll!! That’s pretty badass!

    AND. AND. Nichole now has 3 full pay clients and coaches 2 participants!!! She was qualified by the second module. ALSO- we all got our tails in gear and enrolled/re-enrolled/registered new participants (with a vigor!) into the second module (3 NEW participants joining us in the second module!). Meaning we would have more participants to coach and so our reigning reg badass, Nichole, would have participants to coach. Not to mention: more powerful humans enrolled in a grand transformational bullet train to exponentially and profound shift their lives. COME ON! GREAT WORK TEAM!!!!

    AND- Charlie got hired by his very first full pay client for a dang 6 month contract!!! WOWOWOW!!!

    Mike’s client is full pay at $1,000- get IT, MIKE! the most I have dared sputter out for a client is $750 a month so, like, dude, major kudos to you over there! You’re awesome!!!

    LKT got hired freaking 3 times in ONE DAY!!!

    Hot diggity! This team is AMAZING and full of so much incredible POWER!!!

    January is the first month that I have made the equivalent of and actually a tad more than my teacher pay cheque from coaching. I almost cried when I added up the numbers. This month I made $3,225 through my coaching practice. (one client paid for December & January due to an office billing situation so that bumped me over). As a teacher each paycheque I saw on the last day of the month was $3,218.

    Yep. $3,218. That’s what went in my bank. JUST that much. For the 80+ hour weeks, the great emotional, energetic toll on my well being, not being able to poop, pee, eat or drink water when I had to, all the many, many weekends I worked (I was a drama teacher so rehearsals/shows AND I coached our mock trial team so practices/competitions). All of that work and work and work piled on top of enraged parents/teenagers, ALL of the incredible SM that erupts and bubbles over in a large public high school.  SO- it is a f*****g HUGE DEAL to me that I have done this for myself. What a measure of profound self love and courage to create this. Wow. I am so happy and impressed.

    Ideally I am cruising for 10 full pay clients in my coaching practice. For my program coach year I have decided to create 8 full pay clients and my 2 participants. I had 3 clients (2 partial pay and 1 pro bono) complete this week which opens up spaces for 3 more full pay clients. I am so excited to create those clients before I see you all at the next module!!!

    I am so amazed that I have created this kind of life for myself. Holy sheeshers. Sometimes in all of the doing I get sucked into all the things going wrong and forget about all of the beauty and expansion I have created!

    Ok. I am going to go write another post right now. I really want to share the magnitude of what this is for me with all of you.

    Ok. More in that other post!

    Love you all!!!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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