Commitment and Circumstance

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    Wow. Team. I have a declared forum post to you all that I keep not getting around to which is to share what I created with Jeremy while at……Lake Cenesus (not Orlando) for the days I was not with you at the module. And while I was not with you – I was so expansive. I was so with you. I was so present with Jeremy, and we recreated the event and produced the breakthrough in partnership and support for our kids that we were committed to. We brought in my coach to support us in (re)creating our team and what we want it to look like – and we were watching the news – and we didn’t quite get the severity of covid-19 yet – and that’s perfect because we set some really great future possibilities to design and lean into. We called it the Kline-Taylor Roethel WeTreat and our foundational work stemmed from the context that We are 200%, we each can bring 100% of ourselves to the partnership. And it was so empowering to build from there.

    Mick and I spoke yesterday in service of my doing complete work around what he got enrolled in (which extends beyond his showing up to be with you all) – and I’d love to hear from team what you got individually and as a team by having Mick there.

    So much commitment. And a lot of circumstance.

    Now I find myself in a home we are choosing not to invite caregivers into so as to get support (for now) and the structures we had that worked, plus the new structures that were born from the breakthroughs I had leading up to that weekend – aren’t the same – and may not be possible (for now) – it’s a whole new external landscape now, which I know you each are navigating in your own lives as well.

    I am so committed to the results I envision are possible – all those ones I wrote about in earlier enrollment posts to ya’ll. I also feel very stretched and challenged by the current circumstances – micro and macro.

    And I’m scared – and when I’m scared I look to cling on to someone who I hope is less scared, who I see will show me the way. I have looked to that recently in Jeremy and in my parents and in the teams and organizations I play on – and it’s not working – no one is doing it “right”, no one has the answer. I get intellectually that it’s no one’s job to complete or fix me, and still I see my SM play out.

    But this is the work! I am def going to get it wrong a lot, and I’m committed to seeing my Soul-sucking Superhero SM show up as something other than her less than powerful self and this moment – and tomorrow – and I know that whether it’s my co-parenting schedule, my kids’ school, a reg email, or production call, that these are all the structures that I can continue to empower.

    I will do the work to show up complete – and resourced – and human. I will bring 100% of myself. If we all do that we can be 1000%. Dope (I never say that, but that’s dope, I think I’ve been talking to Mick 😉

    I’m looking forward to being with you as my team tomorrow.

    Who will share what you got for you / us in this?

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