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     Charlie Horn


    how great to be in that space of seeing possibility in the middle of something that has most people stuck in scarcity. I have been dancing on the edge of scarcity and I’m proud to say I hold myself to the line and pop back more quickly to abundance than I ever have. There is possibility in all of this. One thing I see is interest rates are lower than ever. I’m stoked to be in the middle of refinancing and able to be in the possibility of what is available from there.
    I also see the influence I have on the people around me. My family, employees, friends and clients. I had both of my coaching calls today and both clients were in possibility in there lives. I am consistently a stand for possibility with my family. You all may know how my mom is from her scarcity mindset reaction in the observation she came to.
    The thoughts feelings body sensations and images we conjure up and are subject to have a purpose. There is a message there that has to be allowed for and room to move through us all. Let’s keep that door open for it all to be aired out. Let’s not hold onto the fear or scarcity. Let’s wipe the lens clean. Clear the filter and be with what comes up in order for it to move on. Let’s honor the messages we are getting from our SM and validate that part of us that has us scared, fearful, overwhelmed, exhausted.
    let’s get sourced and have our well being a priority more than it has ever been. I am excited to see you all. I love you. You are all loved and supported.

     Aarti Mallya

    Wow Nichole I love how your taking this and viewing.

     Juliana Sih

    Thanks for sharing Nichole.

    I keep thinking about this article I read from Teal Swan, a spiritual teacher I follow.

    I see a lot of polarity happening right now. Which is usually required for transformation and change. All these cancellations are really just bringing everyone to a humanity level. Famous people aren’t exempt! It feels strangely Uniting. I called a few people on my drive to SF today and we all talked about the virus. It felt unique, like we were all going through a “challenge” together. Hearing about their experience, sharing mine was connecting in a different way than usual. I can’t put my finger on it.

    I love what you said about people slowing down. I do see that happening and see it giving people space to look deep into themselves. This fear is just a manifestation of deeper underlying fears, distrust and disconnection. And with no distractions (no basketball/sports/events), what might become available if people had to sit with all of themselves and have time to reflect?


    I am feeling the trickle effect of the Coronavirus wreaking havoc on the economy. With stocks plummeting and events being cancelled, it’s impacting the travel and hospitality industry like crazy, which means no trade shows (cancelling all the ones we have on the books for March and April) and nobody buying travel bags. Our sales have dropped significantly the past few days. I did a surprise pop-up comment sold sale today to generate something because our US web sales were hovering around $500 (usual day for us is $5K). It bumped us up to about $1800, but dayum! I’m so curious how this is going to continue to unfold.

    Despite all of that… On one hand, yes of course the Coronavirus is awful and people have died and that is never something to take lightly. But on the other hand, it’s interesting to see people slow down. Some are doing it hysterically and panicking. But most people I’ve talked to are just generally slowing down, reconsidering purchases and travel, and just taking a step back. I think we all could use some of that. Our society is so go, go, go… consume, consume, consume. Maybe this is the Universe’s way of saying STOP IT! I find it particularly interesting that the virus started out in China, where most of the world’s consumables are manufactured.

    Even as a retail-based business that relies on our economy thriving, I am not worried about the impact even though I can feel it negatively right now. I’m thinking some good is going to come out the other side of this. What do you think?

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