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    Sabrina and I see a lot of gold in our demonstrating the Couple’s I exercise tomorrow. I started to write a big long enrollment, but there’s really one simple way to put it: Sabs and I are *this close* to having the relationship we want, but our survival mechanisms have some unfinished business and like to dance, which creates gaps in our friendship and teammateship (heh, made up word). Imagine the flow of our team with Sabs and I getting all the residual gunk cleaned out!

    We see so much value in practicing out loud together and with team via Couple’s I. Sure, we could do it any time, but the fact that half of our participants are in close relationships with the both of us would make it powerful for them. Sabs and I are down to bring all of our heard-pounding vulnerability to this exercise and are both committed to this relationship breakthrough either way. What do you say, team? Let’s discuss tonight at completion!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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