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     Tiffany Turner

    Your two bits totally count! I’m so appreciative for your feedback and I’d love to learn more about what you would have liked to see different about the roll out.

    It’s always exciting when we produce a bag that’s so loved, that it flies off the shelves. I’m only sorry that it leaves some customers feeling the way you just shared, as that’s not our commitment to our Sash community.

    Please respond here and let me know if you’d be willing to hop on a quick call to provide more feedback.



    I don’t know why the spacing is weird. It won’t let me put a space between the last two sentences. ?‍♀️


    Customer service is basically an inbox of survival mechanisms. This is a woman who is upset that the style she wanted sold out on the website:

    “I sure wish this email would have come Before they were actually put up on the web.  The honey classic fringe was gone before most of us knew that new bags were added to the page?  Just sad for me and others.  Totally disappointed and not a fan of how Sash rolled this out.  Just my two bits, and I realize my two bits don’t really count in this world of ours but I needed to say how I felt just the same.  So unbelievably disappointed.  I feel I need to re-evaluate my Sash relationship.

    Signed sad and disappointed and I so wanted to believe Sash would be a different entity.  Thanks for reading”
    I want to coach her so badly!!!! Sigh.  Let’s play a little game of How Would You Respond? I already responded to her, but I’m just curious. Haha.
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