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     Aarti Mallya

    This is a great conversation. I am teetering back and forth. I have declared some pretty audacious things in my life. Right now I am waffle on declaring getting hired and I kinda of feel really anything. I feel like I’ve lost my inspiration and desire. I feel like I have been just coasting on easy streak. I think since I sold my house and Monte Carlo a year ago and had money in the bank for a while and not corporate job it was “too much of a relief.” Like I didn’t have to fight for anything. Now I feel things have been starting to shift back because now that my money situation has gotten so bad. Along with that and even better I have Sophia in my life that is a huge inspiration to me.


    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I would love to open the conversation beyond me and where I stop with declarations. Anyone else want to share?

    I love Choice versus Evidence. Oh that resonates big time!! Thanks for that. From Choice, I see simplicity. Ease. That feels unfamiliar to me and like something I want so badly and have no evidence to support that’s it’s a real possibility. I’m used to fighting for stuff. Hard. I had a huge epiphany today that I’m actually going to save for a new thread because it’s really fascinating and deserves its own conversation.

     Jeff Miller

    I love what everyone has put in so far. Nichole, to quote an above average coach, “IT IS EITHER ALL POSSIBLE OR NONE OF IT IS POSSIBLE.” Which camp are you in? From that place, everything else is simply describe and manage. Which by the way is not bad, it is just a limiting way to live. One of my favorite things about being a coach is asking questions I don’t know the answer too. I find it really exciting to genuinely learn where people are coming from and where the conversation will go from there. I try and do declare and fulfill in the same way. If I know how things will go then I am not declaring and fulfilling. If it doesn’t give me the butterflies or make me nervous then I am not declaring.

    The funny thing about you, is that I relate to you as the declare and fulfill Goddess. I am pretty sure if we went back in time and you were starting Sash there was probably some crazy declarations. Now that you have build something and are in a capacity context things seem limiting. Go back to the beginning and come from that limitless place. To quote an above average rapper, Notorious BIG, “Live everyday like it is your first day on the job.”

     Brittany Cotton

    What I know about you Nichole, and your history, is that you have risen from the “ashes” time and time again and come back bolder, more fierce, and successful every time. I honestly relate to you as the Phoenix. Kind of peculiar that someone who has been on their last dime, been down and out, and then has created ridiculously successful businesses, would have a hang up with declarations.

    My focus is on your body/intuition. Im curious what has happened for you in the past that has allowed you to reinvent from the ground up? Where was the knowing? How did it occur for you? My suspicion is that you are well versed in it being in a certain place, that perhaps you aren’t practiced at pulling it up from other places. (Please let me know if this is making sense. As I write it sounds so woo woo, but I mean it haha). This is totally my made up story, but if I had been in your place, my guess is that the driving force was that you had no other choice. You had to make it go different for you, your kids, your future, etc.

    What if that driving force is Declaration? It simply looks different now because lives aren’t at stake (to be slightly dramatic;) )

    Whats available for you if you look at Declaration through the lens of Choice, versus evidence?



    Hmmm… I think it’s capacity. So not specifically time, but a combination of time and resources and energy.

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for bringing this!

    I suspect your time context is present because I believe we can fulfill anything we declare, if we’re in adequate action.

    Do you believe that anything can be fulfilled if you’re in adequate action? If not, we may have a belief system to reinvent 🙂


    Yesterday on co-coaching, Kerry asked us to take on a new relationship with declare and fulfill. Here’s my hangup with declarations: I am a weirdo about declaring anything that I don’t know for sure I can do. Isn’t that funny? I genuinely have to know with a very small percentage of a doubt that this thing will happen or I will not declare it. How can I bust that up?  I guess the obvious answer is to start practicing. What else do you see for me? And for each other/all of us?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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