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    My stand is he get the support he needs to grieve his sister and be with team at the module. Every challenge and circumstance is an opportunity to cause our / their breakthroughs.

    So if you’re in communication with your participants today please invite them to bring stand to their support of Don in his circumstances.


    I got that part.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all,

    Might not be, but from Nichole and Jeff’s response it occurs like y’all may have missed part of what LKT was asking for.

    Yes I think we all can agree that his team will reach out and send him love and we wouldn’t have to nudge for that. But my assertion is they will say “don’t worry” “don’t come” etc. We are standing for them to have a breakthrough in stand and commitment (you know the theme of saturday and sunday). This team has yet to have the breakthrough in their language giving them their life. They also haven’t had the breakthrough in ownership of their declarations and commitments. So this is the thing I see to bring- as LKT said a both/and.



     Jeff Miller

    Thanks for the stand LKT! Similar to Nichole, I am sure Vicky will reach out, but I will check-in if I don’t see anything on forum by our session this afternoon.


    I saw and responded to his post. Ugh. Poor guy.

    Personally I don’t think “nudging” is necessary. I trust my peeps to support Don. But I will check in and see if they need any support from me in supporting him.


    Hey Team

    A few updates around Don and a support request.

    First, Charlie supported me in scoring Don’s SM retake and he is 1 point shy of passing. I will bring this to him and request that he review and resubmit it to me and be passed by tomorrow end of day.

    Also, I woke to a text from him this morning that his sister passed away late last evening. She has been battling cancer and he anticipate this. I encouraged him to share with the team on the forum and am standing for him to not miss the module by playing out loud with his team and demanding support. I declare he will be supported by the team to sit for the exam on Sunday after successfully passing the SM test.

    My request of you all is that for those of you with participant client sessions today nudge your people to check in with Don and support him in being with the news of his sister and creating the both and around his commitments and to be with us this weekend.

    I see a real opportunity for us to lean into relationship, commitment, and team in every possible way all module.

    What say you?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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