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     Aarti Mallya

    T. thanks for sharing. I have said many times and believe when anyone shares there’s always value. Even if your “down.” For me it says it’s ok to share and bring things even if things aren’t going well. That hey were all human and even the strongest of us all have “things,” whatever that means. Thanks for sharing, thanks for being you, thanks for bring all of you. Hope this landed or if not hope it didn’t have a negative effect and bring you down, haha. 🙂 Much love


    T, I wish you were here right now so we could snuggle and talk about all of this. You never, ever bring anyone down. You are such a gift to everyone in your life. You light up every space your occupy with your sweetness and brilliance and contagious joy. I have faith with and for you that everything is as it should be and your declaration will come to fruition. I love you.

     Tiffany Turner

    I just finished listening to a podcast by Esther Perel, who’s an intimacy expert. She said, “in a relationship, people are only as strong as the most Down Person. The person who is down holds power in being able to bring others down.”

    I think this is such a familiar concept, reframed inside our independent emotional roller coasters. It spoke to me.

    I woke up today, two days late to get my period, and SO full of sureness that I was pregnant. So when I felt some cramps, I ignored them, and some time later when I started bleeding, I ignored that too. And for the last few hours, I’ve been ignoring my feelings. Oh my god, I’m so so sad.

    I feel challenged by Declare and Fulfill in a completely new way. I declare I will be pregnant. But then I keep not being pregnant. The link between wanting and being in enough action towards something, and not generating the outcome, feels different here. I see the opening for Faith, and really trusting that everything is as it should be. Not pregnant when the universe isn’t ready for me to be, and pregnant when the universe is ready for me to be.

    This is where I will have my breakthrough in Faith, and I need support. I’m unclear what my request is right now, but I’ll come back and share it here when I’m ready.

    I don’t want to bring team down, not ever, even when I am down. I want to find and celebrate the wins in how all of this goes, and sometimes I’ll need reminders of what I bring is bringing team down.
    Love you all,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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