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     Juliana Sih

    Britt, I am sorry you had to call me out again.

    I’ve been feeling a lost on what to bring here. And that has me doing the same thing and not playing out loud. So I want to break that up.

    I shared with LKT the other day that I sat in unqualified for a long time (probably about 3 months) and that had me thinking long and hard about AC. There was never a question in my mind about wanting to be here. BUT I am not clear what I see for myself here.  I don’t know what I want to get out this and I don’t have specific things I can grasp to daily. There is also a flavor of me vs. them playing out – which happens all over the place (surprise!). I lost my what for and it has me doing the bare minimum right now. And that’s not my commitment! So I am going to get complete about AC, talk to my coach, and have conversations with teammates around leadership. I am committed to getting super clear about whats next in my leadership, recommitting from a complete place and bringing that conversation here. I will have a leadership enrollment update posted by EOD Wednesday.


     Brittany Cotton

    Hey JuSih,

    When can we expect more of you around this? I am having a similar experience over here, where I feel like I’m coming to you, asking you to enroll us in your leadership, versus you generating it. Whats getting in the way of brining us what you see?

    Love, B

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi JuSih!!!

    I love the objections role play game!!! Wooo 🙂 Maybe we can set up a call?! So FUN! Let’s put those improv skills to work!


     Juliana Sih

    Hey team! Sorry for my absence these past few weeks. I was in my breakdown and got lost in about 2 weeks worth of AC emails (150 of them) and wanted to catch up on what was going on before coming here.

    I can SEE the impact that my client breakdown had on the team, myself, the participants, Josh and everywhere in my life. It even affected Jazzy 🙁 And I am committed to not being in that drama again.

    What I can distinguish about what made a difference for me was the right amount of pressure and action. There was a sweet spot last week where I had accepted what was going to happen (possible leave AC) and that had me in a place of unattached action. I was willing to try and do whatever. It was liberating, scary and had me open my eyes to how limiting I was seeing things. My intention is to create this for myself often for all the games I am playing. When I put too much pressure on myself, I self-sabotage and talk myself out of what needs to be done. When I am in insufficient action, the same happens. So I want to play with these two levels of things moving forward.

    The other things I can distinguish was getting oodles of support from team. From the unattached place, I was willing to ask for anything, even if I thought it was absurd (which it wasn’t). And from that place, I felt held and safe, no matter what the outcome. I want to be able to provide this to others and continue getting this level of support. I see this as part of what this structure is about. Unconditional love and stand for you to have the life you want.

    Love you and see you tomorrow!

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     Aarti Mallya

    Hey Juliana I would be happy to role play with you.

     Juliana Sih

    Hey team! My sample session didn’t feel comfortable with me recording the calls. So I have another request.

    I need to practice money objections and figured I can do this with you all. I would like 3-4 people to practice with and should take about 20-30 min. I’d love to have someone model the money objections with me too. Let’s role play!!

    Who will support me? Who sees something for themselves in this practice?


    So….TEAM. What are WE going to produce around Juliana’s qualification and client game? SHE has upped the ante per B & T’s stands. SHE has put AC on the line and we have declared our alignment or enrollment to varying degrees around varying aspects of the vision.

    I have three questions for us:

    • Is anyone NOT enrolled in JuSih’s leadership and vision for her business?
    • Is anyone NOT enrolled in playing full out, standing for her to bring it, call us forth, and claim her stake on this team once and for all? This would have us UP UNDER HER THROUGH TUESDAY. This has us responding to her requests and supporting her in ways she asks for – and ways she doesn’t.
    • Is anyone NOT willing to align on the impact of no new clients being that she is off the team? If not, what will you bring to Juliana and team. I am willing to align. It has me scared and sad to imagine. AND moreso, it has me going about my day being with Juliana – present to her playing powerfully, daring to ask her stuff I haven’t yet – looking with her. I am aligned because I have it it will bring out the possibility of this team. If we are willing.

    Team, what say WE?

     Juliana Sih

    3 FP clients with contracts through March 27th, mid-April and June. I will be 4 FP by Tuesday. I declare creating a group and reaching out to ALL people I had sample session with, 2 referral request daily, 4 new linkedin connection, call 5 peeps to connect and share coaching, invite 5 new people into my practice. I declare going to 3-4 events where I meet new people, talk about coaching and invite them into a sample session.

    This is whats so today: created 2 sample sessions. Went to toastmaster and sat next to two people who want to become coaches (wah!). outreached to my AC participant fam for referral request. T supported with completion and referrals. Sabs supported me before my SS. Reached out to at least 15 people.

    Thanks Britt! I am in process of getting his alignment on recording. If I can’t record with him, what I will do is just record myself and review it back to see how my being is. Do I still need his permission for that?

    Jeff, are you free 8-8:30am on Friday for text support?

     Jeff Miller

    Thank you Juliana for coming back and swinging. I love the way you are being about enrollment here. I got you on handling objections. Let’s figure out the best way to do it. You got this and we got you!

     Brittany Cotton


    Thanks so much for coming back with this powerhouse request!!

    I will be the one for you to listen to your recorded call and give you feedback!

    I don’t think someone being on zoom and listening in would be ethical without their permission. What about someone on hand who is there via text to support?

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