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     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    DC is at 17 for their program with no wobblies or RTW! 2 people declared out during their first module a few weeks ago and the DC team registered 2 more people to fill those spots. I have it that our team (SD as a city) playing ALL OUT for DC to fill their program will also be a significant part of what has our SDI program FULL at 24!!! I can just see it and I get so freaking excited thinking about!!!!

    Who do we have for DC?!

    I know we had some leads, some names, I am so happy to partner with you on creating this. Please feel free to send some group texts and connect me with some people. I do genuinely love a 0-hire or a “WTH is coaching to registered and super enrolled” conversation. You know I do. So, if you have someone and you see something for them let’s share, play out loud and party ON!

    Happy Friday Team!


     Sabrina Pratt

    Randy’s registration Sunday night puts DC at 17 and all are super enrolled (no wobblies or RTW that I know of) so we have 7 more registrations to create by the start of this program in 2 weeks!!! I am so freaking excited! I have one more for DC. I promise I am taking a well being day ALSO someone I did a SS with over a year just sent me a message and booked a session through my website for tomorrow morning- she said, “I want to be a coach, will you please tell me how” and she lives in NC. I will register Heather tomorrow morning. BOOM. POW. Ok, now I will continue to empower my well being day- I was just so stoked I had to say something!!!

     Sabrina Pratt

    DC is now at 16!!! Jess Lilly led a breakthrough 24 hours that created 3 registrations like BOOM ? BOOM ? BOOM ? Mick is promoted to front of the room LIT and we are gonna fill this program!!!

    Bringing all this magic to our San Diego reg game!!! ❤️ ?

     Sabrina Pratt

    DC is now at 13 registered! Woooo!!! Sarah Olin created yet another registration during 5th week and Mark Hunter also walked someone over the line during 5th week- so bad ass!!!

    I have Randy for DC by Friday- we are speaking today.

    I also captured these declarations from San Diego for DC:

    LKT: Rebecca for DC Workshop

    Sab: Randy for DC (will also offer workshop)

    Jeff: Cezhan

    Nichole: Stephanie for DC workshop

    ***Since DC is virtual here in July we can very easily send our peeps to their workshop and just fill workshops right and left. I see the PTL workshop as a beautiful way to go from “What even is Coaching?”——->Registered!


    Team, let’s continue to play our games OUT LOUD and PROUD with joy and heart and ease and love and flow!!! In service of all of our games and of Being our Purpose out in the world.


    All my playful love;


     Jeff Miller

    Love it Sabs! I have a few tennis pros that are in the DC area that I will reach out to tomorrow. Been playing a little phone tag, but I declare that I will have at least two conversations tomorrow.


    Sabs, this is why you have 8 full pay clients (and counting). Baddest of the asses. Thanks for representing San Diego and making us look good! ?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    DC reg call was freaking hilarious and fun this morning. Mick gave me some acknowledgement around the registration that Katherine & Michael generated from SD Monthly and I was like, “I feel weird getting acknowledged, I didn’t do anything.” And then Michelle said, “Welcome to leadership.” I almost cried on the call. It felt so strange. I just want to say that I am truly enjoying playing and I am SUCH A STAND for things to go wildly differently for our team, in our games, for our participants, for our lives, etc. WILDLY. DIFFERENTLY.

    We get to say how it goes.

    JuSih, I didn’t reply to your other post because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, put more pressure on you, I am also resigned to the “I can’t-redness” of how you have been playing, or not playing, or quietly sort of playing. etc. I love you. You are a badass. You could register 24 people by yourself if you chose to. You have it in your mind that registration is hard, difficult, you can only play on one city’s team, etc. The lack of full commitment and integration in your life is so obvious in this post. What do you choose? How do you actually say it will go?

    So, DC is at 10 on a declaration of 12 by today. I am leading for San Diego to generate 2 more registrations by the start of their module, which is in a few weeks. LKT, you said you have peeps on the east coast? What support do you need to get those leads to be piping hot? Would love to partner with you!!!

    I am partnering with Alison D. on the DC team to register her bestie, Brittany, who is a “yes, but, money” which is my all time fave objection to be with. It’s really just a belief in self-power and trust objection. And I have a lot of experience busting things up in service of a bigger and better life in that realm.

    Team, who else do we have for DC? How can I support you?

    It is truly ALL. ONE. GAME.

    All my love!!!

     Sabrina Pratt

    DC Update: The DC team registered 2 people this past week and are currently at 8 on a declaration of 9 by today. I am sharing the milestones here. I have more to bring and will do so by end of day Wednesday.

    June 16th: 9
    June 19th: 11
    June 23rd: 12
    June 26th: 13
    June 30th: 14
    July 3rd: 15
    July 7th: 16
    July 10th: 17
    July 14th: 18
    July 17th: 19
    July 21st: 20
    July 24th: 21
    July 28th: 22
    July 31st: 23
    Aug 2nd: 24

     Tiffany Turner

    Totally enrolled. I need to get complete on reg and create a new game for myself. It’s not going how I want it to go, and I invite a lot of resistance in. I’ll take this on by EOD Monday.

    Man, 27 people in one workshop. That’s some magic. Jess Lily is a boss at workshop registrations, maybe we can invite her to share her workshop leadership with us in the future.


    Sabs, thanks for playing full out in every area you touch. You’re such a badass. I will support how I can (yes I’m enrolled) and will think about who to reach out to.

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