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    Quick update, team. As the conference in Orlando that Jeremy and I were going to attend has 900+ people attending in a hotel conference space with circulated air vents, etc., we have opted to recreate our trip. We are retreating to a beautiful lakehouse in Geneseo, NY (where Christine Sachs went to college, I believe 😉 where we will be designing the K-T Roethel Family Future Summit, getting some facilitated sessions in service of our future visioning and still upholding the intention of the trip! The Coronavirus presented some fun circumstances to Jeremy’s being enrolled, and I got to lean even further back and allow my breakthrough in Trust (myself and my power, him, universal energy supporting us). I’m so moved and grateful and ready for this time with him! Baby-sitters are ALL SET UP and the kids are jazzed. I’ll keep in touch, thank you for all the support! <3


    Hey team – Mick isn’t available at any of the times of our calls – and while I brought it to him a little late, I also am honoring his commitments to create his involvement with us at the module having just come out of a program weekend that DC just completed.

    This said it occurs to me that there may some things you all want Mick to know about team – and want to know about him. In service of generating some relationship I see I can create an email thread with all of you, and I just had a great idea! I will generate the conversation around our breakthroughs for the rest of the year and what we see to create THIS module in that email, and fold Mick into team that way.

    Thanks for the chat!


    Thanks ya’ll – I will bring it to Mick. I would love to have him come in a little warmed up too.

     Juliana Sih

    I am excited to have Mick play with us. I’ve only seen his leadership during the leader retreat and it was great being on his team. Looking forward to see him in the room! Fun fact about Mick, he loves hot sauce, on everything 🙂

    Thanks LKT for creating this. I have it that it took something different from you and I’d love to hear what made the difference. This absence created a ripple effect all over your life.  And I am excited to see how that continues for you, me and our team. This is a WIN/WIN!

    As Brittany shared, I’d love to see Mick on our calls next week, so he can get a pulse of where our program is at, the participants, etc.


     Brittany Cotton


    You are at it again, modeling enrollment so powerfully. Im totally present to who you are in the enrollment conversation, and thinking back to when you enrolled our team in your Maternity leave (to be clear for those of you who weren’t on here, it wasn’t that she had to enroll us in going off to have a baby, but who she was determined and committed to be in the face of all the shifts!)

    I am fully enrolled! AND I am so damn excited its Mick. As you all may remember I went and subbed on DC the weekend before our grad weekend, and I got so much out of partnering with Mick. I can’t wait to do it again, and show him the same love and support he showed me.

    The only thing I haven’t heard from you LKT is whats so with team calls? How do you see partnering with Mick to have him here and connected? Will he be on our production? Reg? Etc?

    Love you!

     Charlie Horn


    I am absolutely enrolled.

    So much abundance is present from you, in this enrollment and has come for me from your enrollment, our conversation about Mick, his blue collar business coaching and what is in it for Mick and me to generate a lead for his business. This is all over my stomping grounds. I am currently seeing possibility with AM ortega construction and Pedroza ready mix . I will be revisiting the conversation with my good friend Darren who owns Signage. What is available to the businesses who work with Mick is exponential Rhythm and integration in the worker model of business. I see so much opportunity for efficiency and long term growth from investing in the worker as a human and not as a machine that gets worked on only when it breaks down. The cost in employee turn around alone will be worth the cost of coaching plus plus. There is no doubt in my mind that this arena Mick is targeting will create massive gains for the businesses who once would punish there employees into action and now will generate from an empowered stand in possibility for there employees to take action more cleanly safely and effectively. This was a vision of mine early on in my participant year. I am excited to support Mick in finding a client here in san diego. The ripple affect from what Mick is up to is huge!! The generational consequences of coaching in the blue collar sector will certainly affect changes towards the positive in a much needed demographic. I am so excited for what this guy is about, and all the kiddos who will have access to something new by having a parent experienced in the benefits of ontological coaching.

     Tiffany Turner

    GIRL! Yes! I’m SO excited to have Mick with us. For all the reasons I’ve shared in my Subbing for SEA post, and because I envisioned Mick being The One, as soon as you shared you were out for Module 4. THIS IS SO EXCITING!

    LKT I really acknowledge you for the partnership you created with team, with Jer, and with Mick, to create this. Thanks for not stopping, your stands are incredibly powerful, and I know it took something for you to create this. Way to bust that ceiling! Thriving looks so good on you!!


    I’m enrolled in having Mick join us. I’ve never known anyone named Mick before, so that’s a bonus. Can’t wait to meet him and play some cornhole! And also lead a module and have juicy breakthroughs. Thanks for the opportunity, LKT!

     Jeff Miller

    So enrolled LKT! Love how you have been throughout all of it. So cool to see the messy, not so messy and everything in between and who you have been with it. You have truly generating gold the whole time. Thanks for modeling that enrollment can be fun and messy and pure gold.


    Team, allow me to enroll you – if you’re not already – in the brilliant, loving, powerful, adventurous leader that is Mick Carbo to be THE ONE to stand in for me during this upcoming module. He confirmed that not only is he enrolled, but so is his entire leadership team on DC Summer.

    Mick was the first person I presented the option to on February 12th, almost 3 weeks ago. For me, he met all of the CoS I envisioned. I knew he was already enrolled in Brittany’s next level leadership as a newly promoted FoR and declared Junior Leader. I knew he has powerful relationships with Jeff (and he supported Jeff while Jeff was wobbly on his commitment to AC!), with Kerry, who he used to work with when she was in DC and that she would be able to reflect his gaps and ground taken which he’d carry back to his home team. That was all important to me because I have been a demand that this enrollment be about causing breakthroughs in leadership – for me, for our team – and for that person, their team, and the company.

    His partnering with Brittany as acting FoR will support her as acting Junior Leader – which means more room for Kerry to lean back and lean into support and for each of our leadership breakthroughs! Enough said. Want more? =)

    His partnering with Jeff and Juliana will support their BoR promotions.
    Who he is and what he represents in the world as a coach has already created a breakthrough for Charlie in what he sees is possible in coaching, in family, and in integration. Charlie, please share more on the conversations you’ve been in with construction companies and blue collar businesses.
    He will soon be leading the DC reg game and we can bring the powerful way we play a global reg game to support him in leading one – from both coasts. One of the things he brought his team is that he sees how we are be about playing a global reg game positions us as an ally to the DC registration game, which he’s leading in DC – and I’m excited to cross-pollinate team Power Hours in service of more breakthroughs and results for all. Who wants in on that game?
    While he was super resistant at first he shared with me that he chose to be self enrolled and to lean into a breakthrough he’s been working on in his relationship to God in the form of surrender and allowing – in spite of preferences, likes, dislikes. That is rigor. And with the love and heart that we bring to every module, coupled with our next breakthrough in bringing all of that WITH rigor – that is available for all of us.
    A choice to be self enrolled, to lean in, and to create literally anything in the unknown. Together.
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