Enrollment to Coaching Brekkie & Book Exchange

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     Juliana Sih

    I am enrolled! I see what you are pointing to Nichole. Reg can sometimes be the “get out of jail card”.

    Do you have any items to bring to the production call?

     Brittany Cotton

    Im enrolled! Thanks Sabs!

     Aarti Mallya

    I’m enrolled, enjoy!

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Sabs – I love and appreciate the level of At Cause you’re bringing to missing tomorrow’s calls. I’m aligned and enrolled. I like what Nichole put in around others sourcing us. I hope you come out of the breakfast full of connection and possibility! Have a great time!

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Sabrina,

    Thanks for being at cause and generating an enrollment post and email. I am a bit confused with the timing of the breakfast event. You said the event is from 10-11am and that you would miss your reg call which is from 10-10:30. Would you also be missing our production call from 1030-11?

    Similar to Nichole, I have it that you are a Reg powerhouse. I know you are a possibility Queen and are always looking for people to positively impact with what we do.


    Hi Sabrina! I’m enrolled in you doing this, but not necessarily for the reasons you gave. Personally, I have very little energy behind anyone missing calls, which is probably something for me to look at. Maybe? Maybe not. Sounds like something you really want to do and would be a great opportunity to build community and be in the presence of people who will make you feel good. I know that every time I hang out with all you beautiful people, I leave feeling like I can do anything. I am going to miss our time together this month. I need that connection. I know you need it too, Sabrina… That connection with beautiful souls who just fill you up. I’m enrolled in that for you, always.

    The thing I don’t need is a promise around registration as part of the enrollment. I notice that’s a thing, like dangling a registration carrot to gain enrollment. I’m not just talking about you, but in general. We all create opportunities all of the time to be in registration conversations and I could probably make a list of ten things I could do this week where I could put myself in registration conversations with people, and maybe some of it would conflict with my other commitments, maybe it wouldn’t. But I would like to see that as a separate thing from enrollment around absences. It just lands funny for me. But again, could totally be my own weirdness. Is it? I am totally open to feedback and reflection.

    Anyway. I’m enrolled. Have fun!! Get some love!!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team & Good Morning!

    I am generating Enrollment to attend a breakfast and book exchange with a bunch of life coaches In SLO tomorrow morning 10-11am. My attending this event would mean missing our reg call and here is my enrollment vision!
    I just got a text invite to this event early this morning and my first thought was of our reg game! I have a vision of attending this event tomorrow and creating so much connection with life coaches here in SLO, many of whom I know are curious about & interested in pursuing more training- the kind of amazing training that AC offers!
    Also- Shawna just texted me back that she is available and will go, too- so, team Shawna & Sabrina declare 2 registrations to SD monthly by 12/15 out of this event!

    My next thought was of my own development as a coach, a leader and a stand for excellence in the coaching industry. I want to become more involved with our local coaching community and I see tomorrow as an opportunity to take the next step into my power as coach. I see opportunity for client game breakthrough, connection, to cause some registration and to show up as a powerful example of this work.
    Enrollment for Sab to attend life coaches breakfast which would mean my Absence from the reg and production call on 12/3
    Team, are you enrolled in this opportunity?! What do you see? What do you Need to be fully enrolled?
    All my love;
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