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    Will someone please update on what’s so with these? I fully trust that some communication happened following this post, but Brittany  you might be oh so capably holding all the knowledge. I can own the breakdown of not doing complete work following my urge that Britt allow support – and having my eye from full ownership on all the accountabilities is a gap I’m actively working to close leading up to a module I will be absent for – and supporting Jeff to have it with JuSih’s support and that of my replacement.

    And Team – in my role as acting Back of Room (BoR) LiT, I own production accountabilities and partner with Jeff who owns Team Being (in his role as acting Back of Room).

    Please support our ownership of production (me) and team being (Jeff) by communicating openly, closing communication loops so we’re up to date, and requesting support where needed. Thans!

     Charlie Horn

    T thanks for owning the posters and bringing all the communication along the way. I can see something in it for me to get the posters safely to module. I also wanted to just do it from automatic and I had some fear come up around the what if’s that would have me not be reliable. I see an opportunity to create ownership and partnership along the way in seeing the posters from shipping to transport to module and playing slow is fast by taking on 100% responsibility and along with the team not by myself. It seems like Brittany has a plan that is simple and easy and I don’t want to make it complicated. Brittany, is there any support you can have around getting the posters or getting them to module that myself or another one of us can partner with you on?

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks so much LKT.

    It was an automatic response from me, and I loved that you pointed to it cause it got me to see from where. Over the last few months Nicole and I, CDMs assistant/office manager, have created a really cool partnership (even our dogs love each other).

    So where I  spoke up from was what Nicole and I have generated , which is seamless partnership. I actually don’t even have to go into the office– Alex brings me what Nicole wants me to have, and vice versa.

    I totally see where you are pointing LKT, and I’m wondering what the both and is that has us be in this conversation (not letting me do my automatic and jump in to production), AND not creating more doing or complication for any of us that is unnecessary.



    Hey Brittany, I know that you can and it would be easy and what’s one more thing in your car with everything already there and you already going to the module – AND – if your response came from an automatic place, are you willing to look at what could be in it for you to allow the support and call forward others for whom it might be a breakthrough?

    Team I don’t have to be right, but I see it is inside of Brittany’s comfort zone to take on production-related actions that assure things will go smoothly. It’s part of why we love her and why our program is so great – AND – can you see how sometimes it lets’ us off the hook – and how we allow it?

    Now let’s not have T stuff them in her suitcase and bring it down, but who on team would be willing to take this off Britt’s plate and play for something for themselves too?

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks T!

    They can be sent to me, I am also happy to get them from the office! Let me know what works best!

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Team –

    These have been sent to the office for printing.

    Is someone willing to provide their address for shipping and receiving? And then bring them to module 4?

    LMK if you’re willing to support!


    Sorry, T, I meant to come back to this last night. Lauren’s life purpose is Harmony.

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Team –

    Ryan Muldoon hasn’t completed his Essence Convos, and therefore doesn’t have an essence name. I’d like to enroll team in getting his essence poster laminated, just like everyone elses. I think it will powerfully point to the gaps of where he’s not At Cause for this program/his life.

    If anyone’s not aligned, please say so by EOD Monday!

    LKT, waiting on confirmation of Don’s life purpose, and Nichole, waiting on confirmation of Lauren’s life purpose.

    Then we’ll be all set!

    I’ll circle back to my support request around leadership gaps in owning this next week.

    Love you all,



     Aarti Mallya

    I like how LKT end her last post. Making the posters and what they represent so much more than just a poster and another thing to check off.


    Hi T! So sorry for the delay. The only thing I see from a proofreading perspective is that winy is spelled wrong. It should be whiny.

    Lauren is still finalizing her life purpose. We are in conversation now and I will get it to you by EOD. Let me know if you need any more support.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 25 total)
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