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     Juliana Sih

    Thanks for the feedback and totally willing to swing again.

    My vision for the final oral exam is that it is “seem less”. I’ve communicated with Nancy the high level information around getting the guest information such as email and phone number. I shared that we do not want the participants to be in touch with the guest and that the leadership team will be assigning the coach’s to the guest. I communicated to Nancy to have the participants lay the foundation for their guest around what the hour will be about and to bring a request to move their lives forward. A spreadsheet was created to have the guest information be inputted and I have access to it. I am in weekly conversation with Nancy around the exams to support her leadership.

    Friday or Saturday prior to the module, I email each guest their zoom room information, time and feedback forms. The guests are prepared and have confirmed their attendance.

    On the Sunday, the guests arrive on a separate zoom where I greet and check them in. The participants are in their being and ready for their final oral exam where we bring the guests to the room. We share who is their coach and go into breakout rooms where they are either being reviewed live or recording their call. Our team is all hand on deck so we can have as many live reviews as possible. After the 45 min have passed, we close the breakout rooms and bring everyone back together. The guests will out the feedback form that was provided while the participants have a break.

    The experience of the final oral is empowered, flow and impact. Breakdowns are handled in the moment with care and love to allow the space for participants to be in their Being for the exam.

    The leadership team reviews the rest of the calls prior to Monday at noon and we have all the results ready by EOD Monday.

     Juliana Sih

    Bringing my voice here tomorrow!


    The only piece I would add that I’m getting is that this lands as very focused on the process and how it will go, most of which I like, and I’m also curious what is the experience the guests, participants, and our team will have as a result of a successful process? I’m curious what would shift of this vision if we stood on the other side of the exams being taken or reviewed.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Juliana!

    What is missing for me is some of the training, and  more nuts and bolts we discussed. From this post its not clear that the participants WONT know who they are coaching, and won’t have been in contact with them. Which was a breakdown in the Practice orals. As someone who has talked to you about this, I notice this post isn’t as clear as when we were communicating. And I know this is your growth edge. Can you swing again and make it super clear?



     Juliana Sih

    Here is my visions for the final oral exam:

    It the Sunday of finals and the participants and their guests are ready to go. The guests have been emailed the link to the zoom room, feedback form and time of meeting. The participants have prepped their people to bring a coaching request and what they want to get out of their coaching session. The guests are assigned their coach prior on Sunday to ensure everyone is matched with someone they don’t know. I am in communication with Nancy about any updates with the guests. On the day, the guests will show up into one room where I welcome them, check them in and have them wait until we are ready to take the oral. Our leader team are all hand on deck to support the review of the calls and we have the participants assigned to either record the call or be reviewed live. This process is streamline and we have gotten supported by other programs who have had virtual final orals.

    Are you all enrolled in this vision, if not, what do you need to be enrolled?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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