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    Yea yo. My experience is that something is shifting on Team – more voice, vision, stand, willingness, practice, requesting support. I love what’s emerging on the Thrive thread that Nichole brought, and Jeff. I’ll keep bringing my stuff there as well – thank JuSih for your stand as well! What will you bring in service of breaking up whatever you’re tolerating – or training us in tolerating about you?

     Jeff Miller

    I love this Juliana! I am all about letting go of tolerating and elevating each other in the lives that we actually want. Please do not let me get away with being the “nice” guy and deflecting what is going on with me. I am playing for proactive leadership, partnership and connection in all areas of my life.

    Who is next?

     Tiffany Turner

    J – when I was writing the Thriving post and the stand for LKT yesterday, I was in SO much flow, play, ease, and clarity.

    I realized our team relationship to Stand might be that it’s hard, or uncomfortable, or we should avoid it. And in what I wrote last night, I got so clear that Standing for one another could be the new normal. And we can pass this relationship of Stand to the next leader team, and the next, and the next.

    I’m so aligned in releasing Tolerating. And in doing so, holding space for the Normalcy of Stand. I want to know what the Big Juicy Stand is that we can take for each person on this team, to have their life work once and for all.

    In service of keeping those stands in one place, I’m going to put mine in the Thriving Thread. <3

     Juliana Sih

    Hey team! I feel like we started an interesting conversation on production that I would love to dive deeper into. We have all, to an extent, been tolerating a certain way that we be. For me, maybe you tolerate that I don’t share often enough about client game or don’t bring it sooner, for Charlie, its that he has a breakdown on Tuesday around Reg, for LKT its something around what T put in in the “thriving” thread, for Jeff, he will be nice and friendly so he can peace out of AC quietly.

    And as leaders, what do we say we want to do about that? No fair distinguishing and then doing nothing about it. How do we want to turn that around?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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