Friday September 11 Plans

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     Charlie Horn

    I am enrolled in you being at your event Nichole. You are absolutely going to win???.
    will someone share the schedule for Friday here. I don’t remember if we have one. Are we in the process of creating that day? Is the schedule flat? Do we need to make any changes so Nichole doesn’t miss any of the videos?


    It’s not my award quite yet! The voting starts on Sept. 11 and this event is the kickoff to the voting. The final ceremony is sometime in October. So much pomp and circumstance! I better win. (Just kidding.)

     Tiffany Turner

    Yes! Congrats again on your award. Please continue to be your leader-self in the world and show people the power of transformative work by who you be!

    I trust we can get the logistics of Friday timing arranged to accommodate your request to be at morning clearing.

     Brittany Cotton

    Yahoo! I am enrolled in you receiving this award, of course! At this time, yes!

    I have it from 12-1 would be when production team would be meeting and huddling- so as long as you create what the team needs to not have you there, and vice versa, I’m aligned!


    Team! Remember that award I was nominated for through the National Association of Women Business Owners? There’s another event for me to attend which takes place on September 11 from 12:00-1:00 pm. See here:

    Can I enroll the team in covering logistics during that time so I don’t miss any clearing or distinguished being video clips, etc? What do you need from me to be enrolled in me missing an hour of our get-ready-for-module time to attend this event? What do you need from me to be enrolled in utilizing the time I’m gone to go over things that won’t leave an impact on me or team? (Or maybe even taking a break — ooooorrrr,  joining the event?? Eh?)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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