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     Jeff Miller

    I love what everyone has shared so far! Here are my top 3 things that I have done for my client game…

    1) BNI – So I have had 7 people in my BNI group hire me. 1 person has hired me twice. I have been in BNI for two years now. We have had between 19-25 members in our group over the past two years. BNI was great for me in the beginning to practice talking about coaching every week. It was great to have a simple structure where I knew that I would be marketing myself at least once a week. It also has been nice to build relationships with other entrepreneurs who genuinely want you to win.

    2) Creating my Non-Negotiable around Client Game – This is actually relatively new for me. So you could say this was 3 plus years in the making. Here is what they are:

    • 9-10am every Tuesday is dedicated to my client game
    • Have at least 2 SS/Possibility Conversations per week
    • Get hired once a month
    • I pick a rate at which I will get hired at for the next 2 clients.

    3) Ask family, close friends and previous clients for referrals – This is something that I resisted a lot in the beginning. This is also where some of my most long-term clients have come from. It is amazing to see someone come to a possibility conversation both wanting a coach and already knowing a lot about you.

    That’s what I got. Hope this helps.

     Juliana Sih

    I love these shares so much Sabs and Nichole! Implementing starting meow.

    Thank you 🙂


    I enjoyed reading that, Sabs!

    Mike, my strategies are similar to Sabrina’s. I have been building relationships for years and I am very active on social media. I notice when someone posts something that is an opening for a conversation about coaching. The first person who hired me posted on Facebook about how awful her week had been. I told her we should chat, and we did. But I already had a relationship with her. I knew what she had been going through and I could see it was still affecting her. That’s what we talked about and she wound up hiring me. I didn’t dance around it. I let her know that I saw something for us both in working together.

    I also have a lot of local connections that I’ve developed over the years by being involved in the entrepreneur community. One of my best friends owns a co-working space, so I can reliably reach people there and I’m top of the list when it comes to referrals–again, because I have established relationships and a good reputation. Find your community. Whether it be a networking group, co-working group, or anything.

    If I didn’t already have the foundation that I have with my social media audience and connections in the entrepreneur community, right now I’d be working on building that and going to as many events as possible to connect with people. Like Sabs, I’d be offering SS to anyone who was willing and the least bit interested. That does two things: helps you build your coaching skills and puts people in your pipeline.

    Hope this is helpful. Let me know if you want to talk more.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Mike! And Team!

    1. Being Open about my own Experience: Dude. I’m a coaching geek. I love this work. Sure, I still freak out and doubt this/myself/wtf but the truth is, I was made for this work and this work for me. I tell people “we probably wouldn’t even be having this conversation if there wasn’t something in coaching for you- not sure what it is but I am definitely sure that’s how it works.” Life Coaches are little angels who meet in hotel conference rooms. It’s cute and adorable and hilarious. I know that my interactions with people in this world are divinely appointed, each and every one. And coaching? Well, this is absolutely what I want to be doing with my life. I talk to everyone all the time, anyone who will listen about how I am a life coach. I have business cards everywhere. Pockets of coats, pants, jackets, purse, backpack, etc. I offer people discovery calls all the time. The barista, the lady at the gas station, my waiter, whoever! Most people are curious and excited but don’t take me up on it, right away. But, I know that the seed planting has occurred and whether it is me today or tomorrow or in 2 years or another awesome coach that that person eventually hires it’s all good and I did my job 🙂

    2. FACEBOOK: I send direct messages via text, email, Facebook messenger, phone call to people I know who are awesome that I would be super down to work with. I don’t limit my potential clients to only people “with problems” because I know coaching isn’t a fix and you’ve got to already have some sort of bad ass foundation to even have the guts to take on coaching in the first place. So, I start my messages with something along those lines. “heyah- so, sounds like you’re a badass. Your business is poppin’ and congrats on the vacation! I want shrimp right. now. etc. etc.” I get into relationship with people and connect over easy stuff. It’s genuine. I do want shrimp. And I want to work with a total badass who is already making business moves like a boss. I pay attention to my personal Facebook page and my IG and I see when someone posts something along the lines of “Ugh! I hate Mondays!!!” And then I like/comment on the post with a funny Garfield gif or something. THEN I send a direct message to them with something along the lines of “I just read your post and I totally get it. I used to hate Mondays, too. Ugh. I don’t even like thinking about all the many hours that I spent cooped up behind a desk just wishing I was actually out there in the world using my precious time and life energy to truly help people!” And then we start talking.

    At some point I’m usually like “dude, what really turned it around for me was working with a life coach. No joke. I came around to coaching very skeptically, partly because I was so up in my own spiritual journey and was so focused on self development.  But, I can’t argue with the results. My life is actually, genuinely, fucking awesome now soooo, it works. I loved the work so much and saw what an impact it had in my life that I actually started a life coaching practice myself. I would love to offer you a complimentary coaching session if you’re curious, want to find out more about coaching or see something in it for yourself to hop on the phone with me and get some coaching around anything you’d like. The session takes about an hour via phone- here are the times and days I am available….”

    3. STAY IN RELATIONSHIP: no matter what. I keep up with people.

    Here’s a fun story:

    The woman who most recently hired me is a former client who hardcore ghosted on me 5 months ago. It was bizarre- she just bounced. One day she finally replied to my texts basically saying “I don’t want coaching and I don’t want to talk to you- leave me alone.” It hurt my feelings and I was confused, no lie. But also, I am her coach. My feelings aren’t exactly her business. And they certainly aren’t amazing for my coaching business. So, I got complete. repeatedly. Set it down over and over. I got some support and moved on with my life- this was about halfway through our participant year and you were there- there was a lot going on. Ain’t nobody got time to run around all incomplete. Anywho- so over the last few weeks I notice she is liking a lot of my Facebook posts and commenting a lot. Then last week she up and texts me out of nowhere, “Hey Sabrina- how are you?! I have been through so much and I would love to connect with you again. So much has happened. I am really, really ready for coaching- I want next year to be MY YEAR. Can we work together again?!” well, wtf. what a damn miracle. I scheduled a call with her for a few days later. Got hella complete and clear before the call and bing, bam, boom she is my 4th FP for 6 month contract. Bad ass!

    honestly, the Lauren Steely re-enrollment situation has blown any of my preconceived notions about people directly out of the water. I’m like “never give up. never ever.” Stay in relationship. Build real relationships with people.

    It’s kind of amazing that you want 2 things real bad, Mike- you want actual connection with people AND you want to build your coaching practice. And the one will lead into the other.

    AND- my comedy theater business. I get around town. I perform and get out there. I get to know all my students, performers and a lot of our audience members as personally as I can. I connect with them and let people know I am a life coach. I ask for referrals flat out. I share how amazing coaching is for transforming your life. I shine and I glow from my essence on the regular so peeps are like, “I want what she’s got!”

    I also see clients for intuitive readings, see students for clairvoyant development and intuitive healing work/guidance. I share that I am a coach with everyone. I share how coaching and the AC program in particular has been transformative in my life.

    Happy to discuss more!


    PS: I also shared some strategy on the client breakdown to breakthrough thread 🙂

     Aarti Mallya

    I am curious what are the top 3 things you have done to get clients are?

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