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     Sabrina Pratt

    Circling back: I scanned The letter, photo (&card) and Steve’s letter to himself. I will email these to him with instructions not to open until specific time. I will “snail mail” a package to him for a lower rate. LKT is coordinating with her friend to get Steve an actual physical gift delivery before graduation. Go team!


    Just a heads up team, I connected with Sabs and the cost to ship the picture and two letters was higher than our budget. So – we are looking at emailing the scanned documents and I just reached out to my contact in AUS to see who she knows in Perth who may support us. Sabs will create this with KZ too, who might be quicker in the Aussie connections.


    Sabs, the budget is $50.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I am now owning Steve’s package. We had lots of great ideas generated to get him items from within AU, mail to him from Amazon, etc. that would keep mailing costs low. I am cruising out with his package in about an hour to mail the “essentials” which I have it are “the Acknowledgement letter from PC, team photo, + Future Letter To Self” AND I am also going to scan these items so I have e copies so if they do not make it to Steve by next Saturday I will still have a way to get these to him.

    As for getting him the other items- what do we see? what do we say?

    Team- I see that I actually need to know what the budget is for Steve’s stuff. I am unclear on how much money I have to spend on getting him these items. I know I say “I have no idea” pretty frequently and I get the impulse to jump in and reflect it to me yet again here but my request is not to do that right now and, rather, in this case and for the sake of time can someone please just tell me what the budget is for all of the Steve things? So I know how much to spend on mailing and how much is left for coordinating other items for delivery.

    Thank you!

     Brittany Cotton

    Love all these ideas. We still do not have an owner though. Who can take ownership of Steve’s package, and work with team on these awesome ideas?

     Charlie Horn

    My friend Todd has family in Australia. where is Steve? Maybe we can have them support. Someone may be able to print up a table tent, name tag, grab a sticky note and a yellow pad and get it to him from over there.  I see my part in not playing out loud with team in the doing I participated in. At the time I was empowered and happy to do. It made me feel great to do something after all the doing I haven’t done. I see the opportunity to air it out before going for it when it came to sending things to T from amazon. And shipping of the AC specific items to T from San Diego. It didn’t cross my mind that there was something to share or get alignment or enrollment on. And I can see the breakdowns in my life that could have been avoided with some deep breaths and a little pause for a conversation before taking action. I own my part in spending OUR budget without playing team around budget. I didn’t see anything for me to own as far as breakdowns were concerned. I see it now. It totally makes sense now.

     Tiffany Turner

    We might also look at the cost of just mailing the three flat things in one envelope: Acknowledgement letter from PC, team photo, + Future Letter To Self. It would probably cost less than $10 to ship and then he could have the most personal items in-hand, and we’ll coordinate the other bits from inside AU.


    For Steve I wonder if we can email him some of the package elements so he can experience them at the same time as team such as the letter to himself, letter from coach, and group picture. We may even consider hanging onto his box until the next time he’s in San Diego if we can get these specific pieces to him digitally. Then we could source a few goodies for him (notebook, pen, pretzels if we wanna do pretzels) via Just an idea! Or two.

     Brittany Cotton


    Thanks for amazing work in starting over, owning breakdowns, learning/growing, going out to come back in again, and getting back to our intention of our peeps from an unattached place. I have it there is still some work to do around incompletions and attachment, and I trust all of us to create that, and have it source whatever is next in our leadership.

    In the last 20 minutes I have experienced great team work, communication and support.

    Kerry, Jeff, LKT and myself are aligned in these packages, and THANK YOU Sabrina for being enrolled in dropping off the packages to the local peeps. With that said the total becomes $283.38, which comes down to $21.83 per person.

    T I will connect with you regarding the $55 for the supplies.

    What is next: sending out the packages, getting them to the local peeps, and us creating something for Steve via Australian contacts so he will have SOMETHING when his team does, knowing the super awesome special package will be arriving later. I have it someone from our team will take this aspect on, and connect with Kerry about what there is to be created, OR if we have anyone from our lives in Australia who can help? Being that T is going to be fully Blueberry and Well being focused, who will own this aspect of the packages?

    Thank you and love you all!



     Tiffany Turner

    It was just reflected to me that I missed sharing what budget I’m enrolling you all in. Please tack this on to the end of my last post:

    • Everything inside the box to 12 people in the US (per the below list of what we’re enrolled in as a team) – $9.15/person
      • Notebook, post it, mints, name tag, table tent, letter of acknowledgement from PC, Team photo, Future Vision Letter
    • Flat rate shipping to 12 people in the US – $15.50/person
    • Suggesting a $50 flat rate budget for whatever we decide to create for Steve

    Total budget = $345.80.

    US cost per person = $24.65

    International cost per person = $50

    NOT INCLUDED IN ABOVE: $55 in supplies (2x Notepads, 24 pack of Post-its, Pack of Table Tents, all left overs to be included in SDI supplies bins)

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