Group Coaching As It Relates to Qualification

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     Sabrina Pratt

    Ok- let’s add more fun (or confusion depending on your context today) to the mix:

    What about for LIT floors? Can you do 2 clients 1:1 and 3 groups to count as 5 full pay? Or would it be 4 clients 1:1 and only 1 group ‘counts?’

    How obnoxious am I?! Sorry to be a kookoo bird. If this isn’t a big deal just tell me to drop it and I am so happy to drop it.


    Agreed – hilarious. Sabs, I myself am enrolled in the first scenario: If I had 2 individual 1:1 clients that were full pay and 2 groups then on the integrity check in I would say “4 Full Pay” vs the quietly knowing one =)

    Said another way, If the 3FP minimum is where a PC is, then it must be with no fewer than 2 1:1 FP clients. Or: No more than 1 group counts as a qualifying client.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Haha- This is so great.

    Ok, so, Britt, you’re saying that when reporting in with integrity check ins & for qualification reasons: as long as you have at least 2 individual 1:1 clients at 4 calls per month for $550+ and one group that “counts” toward meeting the minimum bar of 3 full pay clients to coach participants you are qualified. And, after that bar is met you can “count” as many as groups as you want as full pay clients?

    So, if I had 2 individual 1:1 clients that were full pay and 2 groups then on the integrity check in I would say “4 Full Pay”

    or would I say “3 full pay” then quietly know in my heart that I have 4? haha. This is awesome. I am experiencing a breakthrough in seeing just how many ways a group of people can see one thing. I am, for real, getting so much gold from this whole conversation.

    I totally see for us to get super, super flat as a team so we can bring this from a complete, flat place to our first LDP qual/support call next Tuesday!

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all!

    Language is a funny thing, because I read through all of this, and there is still something missing for me. Jeff and I brought this to leader team, and here is what I left with:

    To be qualified as a program coach you need 3FP. You can have as many groups as you want, HOWEVER you must have at least 2 individual clients as well. So at any given time as long as you have 2 1:1, you can have as many groups as you want, and of course need at least 1.

    If this is how you all already read this thread, then ignore me. But I noticed I could read Jeff’s initial post different, so there was a chance someone else could as well.  🙂

     Juliana Sih

    Thanks for the call out Sabs and sorry for the delay, I have been reflecting on what’s been shared. Sabs, I am not mad at you, mostly just been pondering around what I want my business to look like. I’ve also been annoyed around the “rules”, especially since the rules don’t work in my favor. I’ve gotten complete about it.

    So if I was designing my business (which I am) I would design it with 1:1 clients and groups. At minimum I would have 3 FP clients. And if only 1 groups counts towards AC, thats fine. Currently I have 3 FP clients (Kavita, Ali and Lola). Kavita has recently asked to move to 2 sessions per month. Ali and I took a 3 week break and Lola only has a 1 month contract (but I am enrolling her in continuing). So there are a few things for me to get flat this coming week. In terms of my group, they are all solid.

    I am not sure yet what I want to enroll you all in yet. But I am practicing my enrollment muscle and do want to bring more here. I will come back to it tomorrow.



     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I notice myself needing to own something: Leading Qualification!

    The intention behind my request for support/training around groups as it related to qual. and my responses on this thread are intended to gain clarity here so that we, as a team, have a powerful, consistent stand as we welcome new program coaches into leadership.

    Juliana, your lack of communication concerns me. I know you said that your SM has you just tap out and stop communicating so I am making it up over here that your SM is running the show. Same for you, Charlie. We need you to bring your voice as we as a team will not support a silent void created by avoidance.

    As far as I know Julianna & Charlie are the two people on our team who are in any potential for starting our new program year unqualified and I notice your voices are missing from this thread. Definitely not a make wrong! Just a call forth to play out loud with us.

    We all really just want to know where you are at, what you see and what you want to create.

    Juliana, if you brought something like “I just want to ‘start fresh’ at a fresh floor with 3 full pay clients which I am currently at and, thus, qualified for program coach to coach new participants- is the team enrolled in this? If not, what do you need to be enrolled?” And brought powerful enrollment from an empowered place around your business and your life I would be like ‘game. on. yes! absolutely! let’s create this!” And would be happy to support you fully in creating from an empowered place.

    I am definitely not enrolled in silence and hiding.

    Team, what do you see/say?

    All my love;

     Sabrina Pratt

    Juliana? Would you be willing to bring your voice here?

    I notice myself nervous that I am pissing you off, scaring you away and am waiting to hear back from you on what you see. I obviously do not want to do the first two things and I just want to check in with you. How are you? Where are you?

    All my love;



    Hey Team – and Jeff thanks for bringing this back. I have it this is the stand,  yep, with enrollment conversations for anything outside of it.

    I would add a few things for background:

    1. I got the training my first year as Mentor Coach while playing on the NY team that this was the company stand: 1 group would count towards 1 FP client so as to avoid new coaches building a practice around clients paying less than a full pay rate as the foundation for their business. Wanting to stand for new coaches to exercise the enrollment muscle.

    2. When Sabs brought this to co-coaching a few weeks ago, I heard KZ say this was not her understanding of our company stand, and that people build the businesses they want – but Britt/Jeff were going to bring it to the leader call to get alignment.

    So it sounds like our team is aligned on this being the stand, for the reasons above. Does anyone have it differently?


    My understanding is that is the stand and anything outside of that is an enrollment conversation.

     Sabrina Pratt

    This is how I also understood the company’s stand. Thanks for the clarity.

    What I see is that, according to this stand, Julianna currently has 3 full pay clients, 2 clients who are 1:1 and one group that “counts” Julianna- is that accurate to your current coaching practice? I am unclear what your floor is as there have been some bumps in and out of qual. and dLIT status This year. Are you in qualification as a program coach?

    Are we all aligned in speaking and reporting on integrity checks and otherwise congruent with this stand? The new LDP peeps have asked repeatedly about groups and partial pays so it is very helpful to have this be so clear and so flat.

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