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    Update: JuSih, Sabs and I connected on Friday.

    Sabs is up to date on what’s so with each guest client, and is creating relationship with each in service of exquisite customer service AND reminding them what they said they are here for, and of their enrollment in being of service to our coaches. Sabs is clear on her role of supporting both the guest clients and partnering with the PCs in support of the participants having and giving a powerful coaching experience to the guest clients.

    JuSih and I put in the training around communication and ownership leading up to the module and during the module.

    Sabs please keep the google doc up to date with anything new, thanks so much for your 360 degrees of ownership on this accountability!

     Juliana Sih

    Sabs and I are connecting tomorrow morning on GC FYI


    The update I have is that Sabrina and I will connect on Friday sometime between 11:30-12:30 PT and the hope is that Juliana also be available for that call. Juliana, as I put in the text thread, will you please share with me and Sabrina 1) the Guest Client applications, 2) any pertinent info that is NOT already captured in the Guest Client tab on the google sheet, and 3) any status update of any current conversations you’re in.

    For instance, what is the latest with Tiffany A. and Will who are assigned to Lesa and Andrew respectively?

    I’ll partner with JuSih and Sabrina to create the way forward on Friday and we’ll keep this thread alive, and  if team has something to offer, please add it to this thread prior to Friday.

    @Charlie – thanks for the stand that TEAM get the training around this via the forum, AND as you shift to own the possibility of you as Program Coach fo-real fo-real, consider leading with what you see. You might be surprised to see you already have a lot of the training, and then we can fill in the gaps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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