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     Juliana Sih

    Hey team,

    As a follow-up to our production, the vision I see for our participants is to have 5 guest clients. I have it that we are going to have more registrations so that number may change. I see 5 being the number to support our participants with lots of practice. They are all excited to be there and learn!

    The support that I need from team is I would like to have 10 people to “interview” and screen for our CoS. This gives us a plethora of people to choose from and comes from a place of abundance.

    I have connected with 2 people so far, Anne and Leah. I would like to have the other 8 options by Monday. Who’s got someone who would get a ton of value from being a guest client, is reliable and loves being of service? Please connect me 🙂

     Juliana Sih

    Sabs has connected me with Ann. I spoke to her last week. Once I get the CoS flat, I will have another conversation with her.

    Nichole introduced me to Leah today. I will schedule a call with her and start creating connection.

    Who else has someone?

     Juliana Sih

    Hey team,

    Here are the CoS that I see for guest clients:

    -Committed to a full year of coaching with different participants

    -Willing and able to come to each module for 2-3 hours

    -Be of service to the participants and expanding their coaching abilities

    -Coachable and open to therapy if that presents itself during coaching conversation

    -Fully empower the partnership with each and every coach

    -Honest, open and vulnerable

    -Live near SD

    Can’t think of anything else at the moment. Who has some training or sees something else?



    And….=) Juliana, will you actually share the breakthrough that you see is in it for you to own this? What is possible in your leadership for you to own Guest Clients? I’m excited to stand for that!

    Mieu had a couple of referrals last year that T may have reached out to or not – but I think of her as a resource for referrals.

    I have two people that come to mind: Nick and Colleen. Juliana, I will send you their contact info.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all,

    Juliana and all- thanks for jumping in and already looking at who!

    Charlie- No, the guest clients aren’t meant to be confronting as a CoS. They are simply human– and things happen 🙂

    Juliana- per LKTs request I would love for you to practice your leadership and put in the CoS you see, and then we can support filling in gaps.

    To respond to Jeff, and this is training for everyone: The enrollment of guests clients is that they will be in service for a year. Yes they will get coached, yes they will get an opportunity for FREE value and support, but that is not the enrollment. Our job is to actually enroll them in being of service, the rest is perks! Can y’all see how this supports the process for the whole year? If someone is enrolled in getting coached, as soon as they don’t like it, or get a coach who triggers them, guess what? they go bye bye!! But if the enrollment is around service, its a totally different conversation.

    The biggest piece of training other than that, and T can attest to this, is RELATIONSHIP. This is what this accountability is all about.

    Thanks for the swing Juliana, the place I would look for the # is the idea of how many people will come in each day, with 5 there are 3 and 2, and if someone can’t come one of the days, you may get caught with only 1.

    Juliana how many names would you like from each of us? Or total? By when?

     Charlie Horn

    I reached out to 2 people to have possibility conversations around them being a guest client. One of them is Chrissy my brothers girlfriend. She is interested and willing to have a conversation about what the details are. I told her what my experience was and what she may be required to do. I told her I would have someone call her later to get clear. And I did give her a taste of the value it would be for her. And yes a huge privilege and gift for whoever is enrolled in bringing there lives to coaching.

     Jeff Miller

    Thank you Juliana for creating your vision and putting it on loud speaker! I love the breakthroughs you are playing for and leverage this accountability to experience and create them. Thanks for wanting to create enrollment for the guest clients. I have it that being a guest client is a freaking privilege. To get a year of coaching for free and to experience different coaches is a gift. AND they are a gift to our program and our coaches who are going through the program.

    I see that T’s realization of controlling and managing the guest clients was not in line with her commitment and felt like we were constantly convincing them why this was a good thing for them. I see the importance of having a lot of conversations and mutual enrollment in the beginning is crucial.


    Juliana, I can support. Will you put in what you see though around CoS and where you see you might get supported?

    i have it that’s a piece of training for all of us. Being at cause for the training and support is yes, asking for it and also looking for where you know you have gaps to be intentional with filling them.

    Reach out!



     Charlie Horn


    thanks for leading guest clients. My experience with guest clients was difficult. I really struggled to   Stop the story with All my guest clients. Part of me wants to say let’s find some people who have been coached and are super coachable and give the participants a lower gradient so the get a more solid foundation to coach on from getting some solid seat time in. I remember hearing about coaches getting hung up on. Is this a benefit for the participants? Should the guest clients be harder to coach and be super confronting or should they be easier and allow for the participants to gain the confidence in themselves as coaches from having some solid wins with guest clients. I’m curious how it was for everyone else and what they see in having a lower or higher gradient of client.

     Juliana Sih

    Awesome! Sabs connected me with Ann.

    Nichole will you connect me with your peeps via a text intro.

    What are the COS around guest client? Who will provide me some training/support?

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