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     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Sabs!

    I will have a response to you regarding Valerie and Elizabeth by 9 am tomorrow!

    I see exactly what you see for Lesa- its actually not about coaching. She doesn’t need to be a coach or become a coach. But what we know about our work is how much personal transformation is available when we coach others. We see and hear things in a new way, it gives us a whole new vantage point for ourselves. Im curious if you have had that conversation with her? It seems like she has made coaching this big scary thing, versus just one more thing that could actually support her being the person she wants to be, and getting what she wants.

    I am not sure I have anything regarding the last few months and guest clients. I see it as the same as before orals- a place to practice, a place to learn/grow by being with someone, etc. I also see it as a great bridge for staying in the conversation. We kind of have a funny format in that our Final Exams occur 2 months before Graduation. There is a lot to be with there, to coach, and the line might slack– so like all of our structures, by coaching and being in the conversation, the line has a chance to stay more taut 🙂

     Juliana Sih

    Bree is empowered on coaching Ally!


    Jonathan said coaching Orin is going really well.


    Lauren says coaching is going well, and she gave me more details that I don’t think everyone needs, but thumb’s up over there!

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Sabs – I don’t have an update on Tiffany Allen and Ryan right now, but I’ll share one by Thursday.

    Ryan sent me his check in sheet yesterday, and he text me just a few minutes ago sharing his current state of overwhelm. It’s totally possible that the late night texts were a drunken rant of sorts because he’s not responded to my text messages requesting that we schedule a spot coaching call around it, but he is in touch otherwise. Who knows, I’ll find out on our coaching call on Thursday.

    I am keeping an eye on Ryan and him meeting grad requirements, I’ll bring it as a red flag to co-coaching.

    For you and your leadership Sabs, I’d invite you to look at your relationship to breakdowns as Guest Client owner, both in the protection against them, and the cycle or pattern when there is a guest client breakdown.


    I just checked in with both Lauren and Jonathan to see how guest client coaching is going. Last we talked about it (couple weeks ago) they were both doing great. I’ll let you know what I hear back!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Correction: “…thought that Lesa might start to coach Allison in June…”

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi team!

    I wanted to do a quick check in with all of you re: guest clients. Would everyone please respond back to this thread by end of day with how it is going with coaching guest clients? Please check with your participants to see that everyone is supported so as to be empowered in their guest client coaching.

    Right now I have my eye on Ryan Mac as he preps to travel, sent T a text around possibly declaring “out” and what that means for him. Is Ryan still empowered to coach Tiffany Allen? Does he need additional support? T, what do you see here?

    Also- Bree is going to continue to coach Allison Reese (there had been a thought that Lesa might start to coach Allison in July but Lesa is currently not willing to coach a guest client). I communicated with Bree over text. Julianna, how is Bree doing with coaching Allison? Do you or Bree need any additional support?

    Also, team, what do you see for me in supporting Lesa around coaching in general? I have it that Lesa not coaching her guest client enables Lesa’s “fear of coaching” and her disempowering default commitment to “ale-carte doing this program her way.” What else do you see, Team?

    Last, as Guest Client leader I have my eye on our program being in the last few months and am curious what you all see for me as guest client leader? I am particularly looking at pairing guest clients with participants for the last few months following final exams. What do you all see here? What would best support our participants?

    All my love;



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