Having Tea with my Resistance

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    I love this. Thanks for sharing. It would never occur to me to do something like this. Thanks for the inspiration.

     Charlie Horn

    Tiffany. You are an emotional savant. The practices you are up to are amazing. It is no wonder you have so much access to quickly see what is in the shadows. Thanks for sharing this.
    Jeff, can it be so simple and easy to just practice the I get to mindset to have it go simple and easy. What a great plug to the power leak.

     Jeff Miller

    Love this T! I can totally relate to doing things from obligation when I am coming from my automatic. I made a shift in how I think of “to do’s.” Every time I say to myself “I should” do this or that, I change it to “I get too.” This has helped me practice gratitude in event the must mundane things. Thanks for taking on having tea with your freaking resistance. WHO DOES THAT? A BAD ASS LEADER NAMED T (See what I did there?)  =)

     Tiffany Turner

    Last week I committed to a practice of building relationship with my Resistance. So I asked it to tea.

    I had a full on conversation with my resistance and it shared some really beautiful messages with me. It said:

    • I only show up when beckoned
    • It’s my job to be in your way
    • We are already in partnership
    • I’m there when you create your life for me to be there
    • If you don’t want me to be there, look at what you do from obligation. From there, create a new mindset and commitment that would have me not needed.

    All these messages were so simple, but I really needed the reminders. It was so funny to show up and say, “Hey resistance, I want to be in partnership with you,” and for it to remind me that we already are. That it literally only shows up when I ask it to.

    When I think about what I do from obligation, the list is simple, and long standing: exercise, some components of healthy living/self care, my career/business, reg, reading.

    My relationship to all of those things are that I SHOULD want to do them. And from that place, I do with loads of resistance.

    Excited to see where context shifts and clearings of new commitments create Ease and Integration for me 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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