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    following – per Jeff’s comment. Jeff, the form gives PCC or MCC as the two options. I’m curious about your comment “or is this a glitch on my end?” I get how iPads/computers show different stuff and google forms aren’t always reliable AND I’m picking up on something that lands over here like you holding back.

    I’m curious from fully trusting what you see, how would your response to Brittany be different?

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Brittany,

    It looks like you can only fill this out if you are a PCC or MCC. I am doing it on my iPad so I am not sure if it is a glitch on my end. Do you see a place to select ACC?

     Tiffany Turner


     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all!

    As I posted on the groupme, if you are credentialed through the ICF (ACC, PCC) please fill out this questionnaire. It has been created by Michelle Akin, a junior leader in our company who supports, and owns all things credential, certifying, etc. She is a great resource if you questions or concerns regarding the process, how to apply, what you need, and what the process is to renew. She has created this google form so our company as a whole can keep track of our credentialed coaches: know who is, who needs to renew, etc. Please fill this out if you have your ACC or PCC as soon as possible. It takes 1 minute. THANKS!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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