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    Britt, you are ONE THOUSAND PERCENT CRUSHING IT at leading the shit out of this program. Those who get it will get it. They will stay on. We are going to make some freaking impact in this world together. Your heart is so gorgeous. I wish you could see yourself the way we all see you. That’s not to say that you don’t see yourself in a good light. But I mean… The way we see you… You make Oprah look like she’s playing small. You DO NOT STOP. You bring human after human after human into this work. I know I already said this to you the other day, but leadership can sometimes be a thankless job. THANK YOU for all you do for us. You got this.


    My what for is a breakthrough in declare and fulfill.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Full. On. Tears. I’m a puddle right now.

    I am sorry you were so pissed after T Time yesterday, Britt. I hate hearing that: it tore me up. I own that a lot of that was probably me. I am sorry. I did observe what I thought was some rigid attachment from you and LKT during the call (that I had not seen so plainly previously) that had the conversation seemingly step over and beyond where everyone was at. I felt protective of our participants. I wanted to caretake, speak up and support/save them. I am glad I kept my mouth shut. Thanks to you & LKT for holding the kind of  space that would have me create a breakthrough of my own in leaning back and trusting. I appreciate that: the t time call went perfectly and I got a lot out of it. Still getting more and more stuff today.

    welp. I probably would not be here if it weren’t for you, Britt. And without me being here- we may very well not have Bree, Lauren, Sarah, Jon, Lesa…Andrew…Tarah! All the other peeps that I will register, directly support, stand from love for, etc. So- the ripples of your love and leadership are far reaching, vast and beautiful!

    And, I may very well not continue to be here if it isn’t for you, Britt. I have no idea how old anyone brilliant was when they did brilliant things. I just know they did them. Except SE Hinton- I do recall that she was just 15 when she wrote The Outsiders and j have watched that story change young people’s lives for years. There’s a big difference between people who talk about Changing the world and the ones who DO. And you’re already living that difference.

    Extremely enrolled in your leadership. So enrolled that I went ahead and registered my client today so as to seal my own backdoor exit from this work. She asked me this morning “so; you will be there all year right?” And I was like (gritting teeth) “yes!” But actually the teeth gritting is just me being a weirdo about commitment. If I relax my crack and allow myself to dork out about Coaching then I really do love it a lot.

    and I love you.All of you. And I’m here for another year.

    This is the team. This is the year.

    sobbing & sweatily yours;


    PS: I am also on track for June 2020 to be not only the year that I have the most income from coaching but the most income that I have ever made in one month in my life. F-ing crazy.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hi all!

    Im so excited hearing all of us declare, and our what fors! 🙂 Nichole will you circle back and share yours when you have a chance? 🙂

    Last night I was really taken out after T time. Nothing wrong happened, it was all perfect, and I WAS PISSED. I got support from a few people on team, and allowed my self to vent. In putting it all out there what I realized was that I was hurt and sad, and it felt personal. And I don’t mean personal about me, but personal in that I have put so much time and energy into this program, and to have some of our participants be such strong No’s to LDP made me feel unappreciated, and unseen. To be clear I really know none of this is about me. What I am sharing is my realization of how committed and intwined this work is in my life. Last year when it came time for participants to declare I don’t think I was fully relating to myself as AC. There was definitely a bit of, whatever its CDM’s and Kerry’s program. Not this year.  This year, its so clear to me: I am AC. It is where most of my time and energy goes, it is truly the place I show up to create the planet I want. I really see myself being one of the people who is not only going to facilitate the program, but support in the next iteration, THE NEXT 20 years. It will be my voice, and my actions that move the company forward (of course not alone).

    I will be Junior Leader in October. What that will take? Breakthroughs in vulnerable leadership, putting down the timeline/the right way, breaking up my need/desire to prove, registering 16+ people into the program, causing all of your leadership and breakthroughs, owning my voice, stand, putting down the story that “I’m not there yet” “I’m too young and new to be Junior leader” “no one else besides Kerry will be enrolled” etc etc.

    Junior leader for me, and creating it, means being uncomfortable, going way beyond where I stop, owning ALL OF IT. Its scary, its exhilarating, and I want all of it. Why? Because when I show up in this structure, my life transforms. In April I lost 4 clients. As of today- June will be one of my highest income months in this work. Charlie and I are creating breakthroughs in authenticity, vulnerability, and how to get what we want in the bedroom when its scary and hard to ask. I am about to move into my own apartment, and for the first time ever- I’m not going to choose from scarcity, but from curating a place that can hold all that I am. What I am getting at here is the more I push my leadership forward, the more my life becomes what I want it to be. I have 5 chapters written of a book I have ignored for years, I did that in the last 8 weeks.

    I see my leadership in AC being the structure and fire that supports me in my highest commitments. The more I create here, the more I get out there. And I get that I am not the only one. I love, even though sometimes its scary, getting to be the one who will say things no one else has said. I love reflecting to all of you whats in the way, such that you get to choose. I love standing for what you want, to have you more present to how its right there for you to get it.

    I love thinking about Charlie having a breakthrough in power, Juliana showing up one day and using HER voice, I love the idea of Sabrina never having to feel separate, I love Nichole standing for HER NEEDS, and not making it always about others; T finding a way to powerfully stand without taking it all on, LKT getting everything she wants, and Jeff being coach for some of the highest grossing companies and athletes in the world.

    This is my team. This is our year.


     Tiffany Turner

    I’m registering 3 people into SDI this year!!!


    I want to add one thing: I’m going to support my participants in registering two people each!


    1. How many people you will register into this program? 2

    2. Who are your HOT leads? Leslie, Rema

    3. What is the support you will need in this game? I need support with handling objections and getting out of feeling like I’m bugging people.

     Brittany Cotton


    Just waiting on Nichole, T and Charlie.

    Thanks all!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Wooo!!! I have Tarah by reg call on Wednesday!

    She has the money for the deposit and first month payment. She is ready to go and is deciding between monthly or intensive. Tarah declared that she will pay by EOD today or tomorrow.

    I am supporting her and it’s GAME. FREAKING. ON.

    Who wants to race me for first reg?! I love games! 🙂

     Jeff Miller

    1. How many people you will register into this program? At least 5 people.

    2. Who are your HOT leads? None currently, but I have a few warm leads that I am speaking with.

    3. What is the support you will need in this game? Main thing for me is consistency and being in relationship. I will also get complete on how Reg has gone (including NYI).

    Excited to play this game earlier than normal and partner with SD monthly on both programs thriving.

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